Saturday, January 11, 2014

Marathon Madness - final stretch

I've got a little over 1 week until race day! Going to be honest and say I'm ready for it to be over with. Also very excited for the race....however...

I'm not feeling so confident! Most marathon runners hit this point in their training, and feel confident. They take a sigh of relief during taper! They've trained hard, they've done their strenuous (and arduous long runs), and now they rest. This is the time where they feel utterly exhausted, hungry, sleepy, and ready to race.

I feel none of this.

I was behind about 3-4 weeks on getting my training started due to a foot injury. Then when I finally resumed my training, I was extra-cautious! I was so afraid of re-injuring that foot. Most weeks I only got 3 runs in per week. Some weeks I only ran twice. My other days were spent cross training in the gym. Long runs were ran kind of slow (which is okay, per most experts).

Then I started having breathing problems. Foot was better, but couldn't take a deep breath.

The breathing issues got under control (probably just a little weather-induced asthma), and then I got a nasty chest cold.

I did several 12 milers, 2 14 milers, a 16, an 18, and the big 20 miler. Here's to praying that was enough!

Maybe my body was protecting me - and keeping me from pushing too hard. As sometimes I'm guilty of over-training. My training partners are making me feel a little inadequate right now. As they are all celebrating that they will be in Corral 1 - and will all be running sub 7:40 paces. Maybe if I hadn't gotten injured, I'd be with them.

Instead of comparing myself to others, I'm just going to get out there and run this race! I'm going to enjoy all the bands (Rock N Roll marathons have bands almost ever mile, I believe/). A smile will be on my face, and I'm just going to be thankful I get to run!

My goal is to do it in 3:50 - but I'm not going to injure myself to get that time. What I really want is a sub-4 hour race. We shall see! I'm just excited for the experience! Mostly, I'm just looking forward to having fun.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things: 2013-style

This is coming out a little late, I'm a tad "out of style", here. But, it's been a crazy few weeks! So I need to play catch-up.

I cannot believe we are already into the new year. 2013 went so fast. When I look back, it doesn't feel like I'm reviewing a year - but recent events that were just experienced "the other day", as we often say.

At the same time, however, so much has happened this year that at times I feel like a completely different person.

I thought about doing a "Top 10" list...but I'm not sure if I can quantify levels of joy. There were so many big events in 2013, some that were big game-changers for me that deserve to make this list. So here is a list of a few of my favorite things in 2013.

  • Being separated from my husband for 6 weeks, and not being able to communicate via text/phone/email.... "What?!?! Is she crazy?!", some may say. That 1st experience was so good for us. For the 1st time in our relationship, information wasn't a quick text or phone call away. I learned to value the 5 min phone calls he was allowed while at officer school. .
  • Meeting a new group of running buddies, and joining a group called the "Desert Tri Girls". It is such a fun, positive group of inspiring women who have impacted my life.
  • My trip to Montgomery, AL to see Ryan get commissioned as an officer.
  • Getting a visit from my Mom and Dad in March. I had so much fun showing them Tucson and spending some 1:1 time with them.
  • Making an impromptu trip home for Easter - got to see all of my siblings! Only person missing my husband from the whole gang!
  • Learning how to truly ride a bike and re-learning how to swim again! These are 2 sports are so much fun and I look forward to reuniting with them in February in preparation for Tri Season!
  • Completing my 1st Sprint Triathlon.
  • Completing my 1st Ragnar Race - a 202 mile, 36-hr running relay race with 12 amazing, fun, crazy women.
  • Learning that the things I found joyful in life, aren't quite as joyful when I don't get to share them with my husband. It's good to learn these things early in life!
  • Reuniting with Ryan after not seeing each other in 3 months and taking a trip to San Diego (one of my favorite cities ever!)
  • Spending a day Paddle Boarding and devouring fresh fish tacos in the San Diego Bay. Tops best days in 2013!
  • Moving to San Antonio, TX for 4 months, living somewhere completely new in a hotel. It was challenging, but provided us with some good memories and stories!
  • Getting to escape god-awful San Antonio for 3 days on a weekend excursion to Austin, TX! I adore Austin.
  • Seeing my husband get his pilot wings in October!
  • My travel nursing experience in trenches of the ER's in SA. It lit the fire under my ass to make a career change.
  • My career change that kind of ended the year (my start day was 12/1). I am absolutely loving Case Management. It's a huge change -- however, it's challenging and I so enjoy what I'm doing. It's so nice to look forward to going to work!
  • Our entire Christmas season was awesome. We went to parties pretty much every weekend night of the month and just really embraced the season! I'm relieved to have it behind us (so we can relax a little) -- but it was a joyful way to end the year!