Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Blogs: Goals

Remember how 2 months ago I was going to blog 30 days straight?! Doing this cute little segment/challenge?

Well, that was productive. (sarcasm) But I do plan on finishing it. Kind of like I plan on some day finishing the quit that I seriously started 11 years ago.

I just like to take my little breaks! And today is goals -- which is a big focus for me lately since there's been so many life changes!

First, let me tell you -- that I'm obsessed with goals. I eat, breathe, and sleep goals. Short term, intermediate, and long term. I'm like a walking calendar. Some say that's a "flaw" -- but it's how I like life. So I'll probably keep it that way!

Here are my goals that I'm thinking about right now....

Short Term:
  • Make the adjustment to night shift this week without turning into a walking zombie.  (I am SO not a night person!!!)
  • Start taking body combat classes (it's like...kick boxing kind of *I think*) at our new gym
  • Get all pictures, shelves, and art hung out on the walls by Wednesday
Intermediate Goals
  • Attend a self-defense class this year
  • Get back to Day Shift by June
  • Get a job either in the OR (operating room) or ER (emergency room) by next year (I'm locked in on my cardiac unit until November of 2011 per contract)
  • Plant Garden and start canning
  • Plant grass (sounds simple to some of you..but it's different in the Sonoran Desert!)
  • Start Rock Climbing...despite my irrational fear of heights
Long Term Goals
  • Either become a Nurse Practitioner or take a management role within a hospital/clinic/surgery center
  • Some day...I want Ryan and I do be the "Marriage Preparation Teachers" (before we got married, the Catholic church had us do several months of one-on-one classes with another couple who were very wise -- and my dream is some day we'll be that wise married couple)
  • Vacation to Germany in the next 5 years
  • To act in a musical -- even if it's just a cute little community theater
  • To have 1 or 2 "Lil Nastase's" running around

So Ryan and I joined a gym this weekend in the new neighborhood. We got complimentary personal training sessions. I already have a feeling my trainer is going to be a meat-head. prepared for a "rant post" to come soon. They unfortunately didn't have any female trainers. Lord. Help. Me. It's only 1 hour. It can't be that embarassing, right?!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's a great list of goals!! :) I am a goal's person, too! That's why I like running so much, I think? You can always train for a race and make goals and improve upon your previous times, etc.

I did some PT sessions at the gym back in 2006 and my trainer was a super nice guy and we actually became friends! So maybe yours will be nice, too? Fingers crossed that he's not a meat head!

B and B said...

Come to Eagan and you can be in one of our summer shows!

Marlys said...

Love your goals - especially one of the long term one's you mentioned! I don't need to tell you which one, right? :)!! I hope your PT turns out to be a great guy! And I hope all your dreams [goals] come true!

Mama Nastase said...

Love your list, and I'm in agreement with your mom regarding one in particular! :D

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wonderful goals :) I'm a huge goals person too, it's not a fault haha.

Good luck with the trainer at the gym- hopefully your experience will be more like Lisa's! I had an interesting one last year at the gym. he was helpful but very into himself. It was sort of amusing though!