Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comparing Dreams

Since June ( and since I've really decreased my frequency in blogging ) - I have made some changes in my life! #1 - I landed my dream nursing job and became an ER nurse. I have learned so much thus far, and absolutely LOVE the fast paced environment. Now it would really be my dream job if I didn't have the work all these weekends and Holidays. But, unfortunately illness has no concept of convenience and time.

In addition to moving to to the ER....I've also become certified as a fitness instructor! I'm actually certified in a specific classed called "Body Attack" -- which is a sports-inspired, agility & strength work out. In other words, no matter what fitness level a person is at -- this class is guarenteed to kick their a$$!! To learn more about it -- click here -- and look for your nearest Les Mills Sponsored club to find more great classes! (there's my marketing spin for the day.)

So sometimes in my very strange brain, I find myself comparing these 2 "jobs" and it kind of funny. Sometimes a little "off". So I write a fun little blog today

While Teaching Body Attack.........
  • It is refreshing to know that all the class particpants are completely capable of using the restroom on their own. I don't have to help anyone walk to the bathroom, and I certainly don't have to worry about getting urinated on. Yes. I have had an old man pee on me before.
  • When I make eye contact with the class-members, I'm actually assessing their skin color and look for good venous access....just a habid of mine.
  • If anyone ever breaks an arm during my class -- I can make a bada$$ splint with a their towel and maybe some duct tape.
  • I don't have to document anything that occurs during the class, in case someone decides to file a lawsuit in 15 years. People don't file law suits for not giving them enough push-ups to do. Well, Yet.....
While Working the ER.......
  • I sometimes want to give my patients a "Body Attack" Class. "Okay sir, I'm just doing an neurological assessment on you - Touch your nose, now my finger, now your nose, now do 5 lungs and 10 jumping jacks! Let's get fit!!!!"
  • I don't have to worry about looking fit and in shape. I don't have to worry about vomiting my breakfast on the stage. I wear pajamas.
  • I no longer encourage my patient's to get their heart rate up, like I do class participants.
  • I sometimes leave work with more of a sore back than I do after my work outs.
  • I have to explain to people that blood is the nicest bodily fluid I deal with during a day.
  • My patients scream and moan much louder than anyone does in a fitness class.
So I refer to Body Attack as "fun job" and ER as "real job" -- but in reality, I adore both. Which is a place that I'm really happy to be at right now. If one is going to spend 40-50 hours/week in a place, thye should be happy doing it!


Amber said...

Congrats on getting certified to teach body attack, that sounds really fun!! Glad you're loving both your jobs!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think it's great that you love both jobs! That is so important! Politics and cut throat environment aside, I also love my job. I feel very fortunate to say that as I know so many people who are totally miserable in their jobs!

Maybe I will have to take a body attack class when I come visit in January!!

Marlys said...

I'm happy that you are happy! Sounds like a winning duo!

qwerkyqook said...

Ha. the documentation bullet made me chuckle. Congrats on the ED RN spot, pretty competitive usually! Way to go!