Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Search for the Perfect Wedding Gown

On a perfect afternoon in September, in a perfect little bridal shop in Tucson, the search for the perfect wedding gown commenced. Our bride-to-be had her mom in tow, (as well as the tag-a-long step mom of her groom-to-be) and in true "perfect-bride-to-be" fashion,
she found her perfect gown in less than an hour.
However, accommodating as always, our sweet Abby continued to
model several dresses that we just wanted to see her in them.
(Afterwards she tried her perfect wedding gown again, just because she loves it so much!)

Following are pictures of an amazing, emotional and noteworthy
event in the planning of the Perfect Wedding.

A perfect day in Tucson
David's Bridal
A perfect engagement ring
Abby and her mom
Soft focus lace shoulder
Lace Shoulder with blush veil
Soft focus, downward glance
Pink tinted
Soft focus lace shoulder
Mom fixing Abby's veil
Black and white downward angle
Black and white
Beautiful Mom
Beautiful Mom and Bride-to-be
Beautiful Abby soft focus
Soft focus and sepia
Where's the perfect bouquet?
Scalloped edge dress
Soft focus halter dress
Sheer overlay dress

Peach and ribbon dress
Focal black and white
Lovely Marlys and Sweet Abby
Soft focus mom and daughter
Rhinestone veil detail
Pearl tiara
Veil detail
Mermaid tail
Lovely train detail
Corset-back dress
Mirrored focal point
Sepia Mirror view
Black and white focal
Back of dress
Dress with peach accent
Dress with peach ribbon
Dress with ribbon empire-waist
Lace shoulder detail
Dress detail
The Pamela Anderson Look
Detail on waist
Pink detail on train
Lace and pearly waist detail

Detail of the bustle
Beading detail


Casey Graham said...

That is the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen! The beading is just fantastic! The dress totally fits you and you must buy it if you haven't already. I am following your blog to see the process of the holy matrimony.

Lora Nastase said...

What a perfect day that meant so much for you and your sweet mom to include me, Abby. You will be the most stunning bride (as anyone can see from the pictures, you looked amazing in every dress we made you try on! lol)