Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fall

This chapter of our story is about literally the fall of the year, and how Ryan and I took "the fall". (I loove cheesy).

Our first dates were the like the dates out of my dreams. Our 2nd date I invited him on one of my training runs. At the time I was training for the Twin Cities marathon, and told him that Wednesday I would be doing an easy run. So we went on a 6 mile run. Ryan left that date thinking I was crazy, but still took me out for dinner that night. He's more into normal sports involving skill, strategy, and talent--not just running in a latent state for extended periods of time apparently ;)

The dates preceding those only got better. We would sneak onto the golf course late at night and put on the green. There were also -30 degree Grand Forks, ND days where Ryan would call me up, tell me to put on my swimming suit and he'd be picking me up in 10 minutes. I would be hesitant; but just went with it. We would then sneak into hotels around town, and relax in the hot tubs after long days of class, studying, and busy lives. Every time we spent time together, I'd come home with my cheeks hurting from the smiles, laughter, and enjoyment we shared.

I went to Thanksgiving with his family, and was extremely welcomed; and it was after that weekend where things got serious with the Ryan and I. In fact, that weekend I purchased my tickets to come visit him in Tucson since he would be staying with his Dad and working at Raytheon over the break.

Ryan left for Tucson 2 weeks before I came to visit him, and those were the 2 most miserable weeks ever! It was in our time apart that we both realized we loved each other...but hadn't said those words yet. The picture at the title of this blog explains the story of this......

I arrived in Tucson on a beautiful, warm, sunny December afternoon; greeted by his family. Ryan took me to Madera Canyon to go hiking. He had sandwiches, wather, and a camera packed, and had a beautiful hike up. When we got to the top, we came across a waterfall. Ryan said, "Why don't we go sit on the rock in front of the water fall, and I'll put the camera on self-timer, and we'll take a picture". So we got all set up, and as the camera was about to snap, he grabbed me and said "I love you". That pictures will always be special since it captured the day we fell in love.

The rest of my week in Tucson was an amazing one...and from then on we both knew that we had found "the one".


Lisa D said...

This is so much fun to read, Abs!! So glad you are doing this! Watch out - it's addicting! ;)

*ErinSimmons* said...

Awe!!!! I don't know what to say, it's like a modern day fairytale!!! Congratulations you two!


Lora Nastase said...

Abby, waiting with bated breath for the "next chapters"! :)

I recall the little man at the nail salon asking if you were my daughter and I said, "future daughter-in-law". We both smiled, because we knew it was true. I am so happy for Ryan that he found you, and you him.

We love you!!

P.s.-Your sister is right, this is addicting!

Marlys said...

Well, good old slow, behind the times Mom, is finally logging on to read your blogs! It is so romantic - knew he was the one for you the first time we met him. Mom's have a sense for that, you know. He has always treated you so sweet and is respectful to us, too. That means so much. May God bless you both forever and ever!