Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How the story began....

Ryan and I met at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. However, it tooks a few meetings before the we felt sparks fly. The first week of our first year at UND, we both joined a student government group called "Emerging Leaders". At the first meeting, we were put into groups and 4, and sure enough; Ryan and I were in the same group, and I was chosen as "group leader". Well, I quit the next day--so that ended things very quickly!

The year went by, and we both got settled in at school; with different groups and friends and different lives. We ran into each other every once in awhile--and he would occasionally tease me about being a "quitter".

It was the last day of our school before summer, and I ran into him again. However, my impression I made on him was less than excellent; where I tripped over a chair, fell into a door, and cut my eye open. Despite that, I remember leaving school for the summer being smitten by Ryan Nastase.

Summer passed, and Ryan was in Tucson and I was living Minneapolis. During the summer I applied to the University of Minnesota and was ready to move to MN in the winter. The first weekend at school, I was at the first get-together of the year, and was on the opposite volleyball team as Ryan. After the game, he had made me a drink and I ended up spilling pomegranate juice all over his new white polo!!!

I insisted on getting the stain out of the shirt. He told me if I could; he would take me on a date. Sure enough, we had our first date the next morning. He picked me up on his motorcycle, and took me out for ice cream.

The first week we ended up seeing each other almost every day, and found that we had a great deal in common! Since August 30, 2007; Ryan has become my best friend, and every day is more exciting than the last.


Lora Nastase said...

What a lovely start to a beautiful, lifetime romance. I am so excited to watch your story unfold; on your blog, as well as in real life. Abby, you are a wonderful addition to our family and I am so proud of both you and Ryan.

We love you guys!!
Dad and Lora

Marlys said...

I truly believe that God brought you two together! It was fun to read about how you met, and now you will have to tell "the rest of the story"! Love to you both!

Lisa D said...

Great first post! Fun to read about how it all began! We are so excited to have Ryan join the family!!!

Kari Ayers said...

How fun to hear your story Abby - you two sound very happy. I'm excited for your big day and look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Abby,

As Ryan's mom, I could not have chosen a better person for my son. I simply adore you and know in my heart that you and Ryan are a blessing to our families.

Your family is wonderful and we enjoyed spending Thanksgiving together. I miss you and Ryan so very much; however knowing you have each other brings me peace of mind.

There were three events that led me to believe Ryan was falling in love with you.
1. When Ryan brought you to family night during Nick’s football game. He never cared to escort anyone to a family gathering.
2. When Ryan asked you on our Thanksgiving trip last year. He mentioned this was the first Thanksgiving you were spending away from your family. I knew he must have meant a great deal to you.
3. And early on last spring, Ryan was very nervous and on edge. I asked him repeatedly what was wrong. On several occasions he asked me about faith, falling in love, and marriage. Looking in his eyes and hearing the tone of his voice, I knew, I just knew he was in love with you.

I predicted to many of my friends that Ryan would propose at Christmas time. Well, I was right he did propose but in Ry-style…he did it his way and with such fineness.

God Bless you both!