Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My White Christmas

So as Christmas has been quickly approaching us, many feelings and views on this holiday have entered my thoughts. This Christmas has been different for me this year because 1) I'm in Arizona where no snow, cold, or frost appears. and 2) I will not be choking down the ole' thick, milky, fishy grog we call "Oyester Stew" with my family up north.

The first feelings I had experienced this christmas were of somewhat sadness this Thanksgiving. I went to the movie "Four Christmases" with my sister Lisa and sister-in-law Emily. The take-home message of the movie was that family is the essense of Christmas. Although the movie was something one would consider comedy (and believe me, I laughed until I hurt)...I remember one point of the movie I had tears rolling down my face in wonder of what Christmas will be like without the pickled herring, mom running around the house in a frenzy, and watching all my nephews enjoy the holiday.

However, after we returned from Thanksgiving in North Dakota; Ryan and I put a Christmas tree and decorated it to fullness, baked cookies, and were serenaded by Bing Crosby's christmas hits; I was filled with that "family feeling" that I worried would be lost this year.

This year, I have had to put a little more effort into "getting into the spirit" since the weather is sunny and gorgeous every day (and in NO WAY am I complaining :D), and I had put a great deal of thought into what Christmas is about, and how much family means However, I have found myself extremely happy, light-hearted, and smiling ear-to-ear because I have found that "warm fuzzy family feeling" this year with Ryan.

Words do not explain how happy it makes me feel with Ryan was just as excited about decorating the tree, putting up lights, and decorating christmas cookies as I was. And...he even likes pickled herring--and may some day try oyster stew (Just for tradition's sake). So mom, if you are reading this--and feeling worried that I will be sad this Christmas away from all the action: feel reassured to know that I will be warm, safe, and extremely happy this year; and we will go to Christmas Eve mass ;)


Lisa D said...

We'll miss you this Christmas! But at least you get out of having Oyster Stew! ;) ha! Ryan definitely has to try some - it's a right of passage. Kevin's making Oyster Stew & shrimp so we'll eat well! Then we are getting together at Barb's on Christmas Day - I am so excited!! :) It's been years since we've seen any McDougalls around Christmas!

Send some warmth & sunshine our way. I'll be in Phoenix a month from today!!!

Lora Nastase said...

Abby, not to worry, I'll get the recipe for "oyster stew" from your mom and we'll have it at Christmas! :D

I know you'll be missing your family; and they'll be missing you...however, WE feel really honored and excited to have you with our family this Christmas!


Abby and Ryan said...

Lora, please please please don't feel annnny obligation in the WORLD to make oyester stew. It is truly disgusting. Lol. The only thing I like about it is the nostalgia--and it was almost enjoyable to complain about :) hahaha But your capacity to care and make things happy and "home-feeling" means the world to me :)

Marlys said...

This is funny, but I was looking in the freezer for something last week and came across a quart of frozen oysters we bought last Christmas! Dad insisted we eat them so I made stew on Sunday during our blizzard and it tasted awesome! Your Dad & I both grew up eating oyster stew - must be our German heritage - for Christmas so have developed a keen taste for it! If you can stand to bite into a rubbery oyster, the broth is so warming! Maybe someday you will learn to like it, too! We get to have some next week but with fresh oysters from the east coast - so I'm sure it will be even better! Mmmmm!

Marlys said...

More about Christmas - we will miss you so much this year! I try not to think about it too much - sob, sob. We will also miss Chad, Emily & Kolin but being together over Thanksgiving was a blessing! Each of us must travel the path planned for us, and I'm confident that your future life with Ryan will be a blessing. You will have many stories to tell your children about your heritage and many laughs, too. Just remember that life is full of joys, sorrows, laughter and tears - always has been, always will. The sorrows and tears make us stronger and the joy and laughter patch our souls. May you both have a Blessed Christams!

*ErinSimmons* said...

OMG! Abby, I don't know who is more funny!! you or your mom?hahaha I wish we could be there with you and Ryan. We'll be thinking of you!! Luv ya

Momma Bear said...

Abby and Marlys,
I have just read the blog. I laughed and then I cried with each tale and comment. To be perfectly honest, I think oyster stew sounds quite good.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was pleasant. I miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you soon.

Marlys, thank you once again for including us for Thanksgiving, we enjoyed ourselves so much.

God Bless You!