Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vaminos a Mexico...

The month of July was approaching, and we both knew we had to plan a trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to get a taste of the beach, sunshine, tequila, and some carne asada......... so we planned sort of a last minute trip finding a beautiful resort, international car insurance on Ryan's car, and made our plans to leave July 10.

It was the last weekend in June, and I had to work both days; and Ryan was at home. (I had nooo idea this was going on....) Ryan suddenly got the motivation to head to the mall and go ring shopping. We had talked about getting engaged, but figured it would happen in the future. Well, we walked into Kays, found the perfect ring, and bought it on the spot. This SAME morning while I was at work, I recieved a text message from my mom. She and my dad were attending mass at a church in Henning, MN--and there was a sign on the wall reading "God Bless Ryan and Abigail"........kind of eerie!! When I told Ryan about this sign, he just replied saying "Abby, you have no idea in this world how crazy that is...."

Two weeks passed, and it was the day before we left for Mexico. I got home from work, and was packing for the trip, and things were great....until I received a distressed phone call from Ryan on his way home from work. His car broke down. This was reallly bad for Ryan, because he still had to pick up the ring, get the flowers, and all the things needed for the big proposal (I had no idea anything wasg oing on). He told me to NOT come pick him up, and that he would get things taken care of. So....in his car, he started writing thank you cards for the proposal (will explain in a bit), called my dad and mom and asked for permission to marry me, called and got the car insurance switched to my car, and found a tow truck to get him out of this mess. Things were falling apart!!

The next morning..before our trip he had to go into town and get things are taken care of for the evening..I thought he had a meeting for work. It was raining (monsooning) that day, and Ryan was very stressed about the weather..he kept stressing on how he wanted it to be perfect outside. Well....literally once we crossed the border, the sun was shining and weather was gorgeous. We arrived at ther esort and things couldn't have been better.

As the evening was arriving, and the sun was setting--Ryan went up to the room to get us some drinks. Well...20 minutes went by and he STILL wasn't back, and I was feeling worried--until I looked down upon the shoreline, and saw someone walking towards me holding 12 roses and a tiki torch: it was Ryan. He grabbed me for a walk down the beach. At this point...I just think that he's doing something sweet and romantic for me. We finally find a spot on the sand to sit down.

Once we get settled, he hands me the roses one by one. Each rose has a 'Thank you' note inside. The thank you notes were messages of gratefulness for things that we have learned and loved about each other throughout our time together. Each card got a little more meaningful, and I was starting to feel like something exciting was about to happen. Card #11 said "Thank you for being the woman I want to start a family with and.....", and card #12 said "...and for giving met he chance to propose". I looked up with tears in my eyes and he was down on his knee with the ring in his hand......

July 10 at 7:45 on the beach of Puerto Penasco, I said yes :)


Lora Nastase said...

This blog needs PICTURES! ;)

Ahhh, so romantic and sweet. Every woman deserves to be treated so special and cherished! I am so proud of Ryan, and happy for you, that he is so wonderful to you.

Que Dios te bendiga!

P.s.-Aren't the sunsets in Puerto Penasco magical??

Lisa D said...

Quite the romantic, thoughtful fiance you have! You are a lucky girl!

BandB said...

Wow, Abby! When Paul and I decided to get married, we sat down at the kitchen table and wrote a "pro" list and a "con" list and whichever list was longer would determine whether we got married or not. We are not very given to romance, as you can tell. Well,the pro list was longer so we made our plans!!! And, here we are 29 years later.....however, I will add that our honeymoon at the Minneapolis boat show doesn't sound quite as romantic as that resort in Mexico!!! I look forward to meeting Ryan. Your kids will be way more impressed with how their dad and mom got engaged than ours were!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, You are a man after my heart. What a tear jerker. Love, Granny in Omaha