Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Venture for Snow....

Living in North Dakota my whole life, and Ryan for a good portion of his life--we both grew a STRONG hate for one thing. It is the thing that causes escalating energy bills, ruins your morning, makes you late for class/work/whatever you need to get to, makes your day miserable, doesn't let you wear cute shoes, and turns VERY ugly from the polution of the city.....SNOW. However, for some reason--our minds became quite tainted when we moved to Arizona, for we both found ourselves saying "Man, I miss snow..." In all reality, we know that the SECOND we move back to the midwest, and had to deal with it interfering in our daily lives--we would find ourselves bitching and complaining at the exhausting winter weather. However, I found a great beauty this winter. I wake up to a cool morning where i get to wear sweaters, it stays in the 50-60 degree range (sometimes making peaks into the 70's), and we look up into the mountains and see the snowy caps in the air. Being lovers of the outdoors, we took a venture last weekend on the 1st snowy day on a 5 mile hike. We went on a trail called "Douglas spring trail", which is actually about 2-3 miles from where we live!

The trail begins in the desert, surrounding you with cacti of all types, takes you up a very steep and rocky incline into the mountain. Once you get over the peak, it is a free range of grassy plains, mountainous views, and springs and waterfalls. In the distance you can see snow and pine trees. We saw many different beautiful scenery on our hike, and just truly relished in the moment. Ryan and I have had some stressful months behind us, and even more stressful months to come; but we still can find that point in-between to enjoy it all. As our lives are growing, developing, and changin so very fast; it is SO easy to get caught pu in the whirlwinds and stress....but we are praying daily to remember that we need to enjoy the hike up the treacherous and difficult mountains ;)

Here are some of the pictures we took on our trek up:

One of the waterfalls

Snow on a catcus? ...and they say we can't have a white christmas....

The white "dusting" on the mountains is snow :)

A view of east Tucson from the top!


Mama Nastase said...

Omigosh, so funny and all true! One of the best things about finding your true love is knowing that you have your best friend to be there, holding your hand & walking beside you as you tackle the dangerous & treacherous trails in life...together.

I love your pictures! Wondering who got to jump over the stream after setting the camera?

Love you!

Abby and Ryan said...

Ryan always jumps over the stream, or off rocks after getting the self-timer set up on the camera. God KNOWS I would be tripping onto my face if I did that :) haha! I do I great job and modeling and posing where the camera should be.

Mama Nastase said...

Yes, you do. It doesn't surprise me that Ryan does his Macgyver-like moves...that's how he rolls. No wonder you two always have the cutest pictures!

Lisa D said...

Looks like an awesome hike, Abs. Hope you are enjoying your last free weekend before school starts. I know it will be stressful to do school & plan the wedding, but don't get too stressed about all the details. that's what mom & I are for. ha! ;)

You definitely would be sick of the snow after about 5 minutes. I was missing the snow until it started snowing in December. And didn't stop. Seriously the snowiest winter I can remember in years. Can't wait to come down to AZ in a couple of weeks to melt a bit & wear some heels for a change!!!