Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Randoms!

So, I saw this whole "25 Random Facts" on Facebook that many are doing, and it intrigues me. I think that the BEST way to get to know someone and see their inner workings is found via "finding the peculiarities". So here it goes!

1) I think I have some version of AD/HD. Or maybe I'm just Marlys's daughter. However, I cannot sit still or focus on one thing. I have to be doing something at all times! There is ALWAYS something in the house that could use cleaning. I also can't focus on things in terms of driving. I find myself having to verbally say to myself "Abby, look at the car in front of you and drive...." It's bad!

2) I am the world's worst driver. If I was drove a 95 behind me would be cussing "That damn 90 year old should NOT have her license!" I don't stay in my lane, and I can't park straight.

3) I failed my written PERMIT test for driving 3 times.

4) I love really gross and graphic pictures in my nursing school books. Oozing lesions, gunshot wounds, cerebrospinal fluid leakage from severe hits to the head--love it all.

5) Due to #4....if I weren't such a stress-case I would love to be an ER nurse. However, I don't like stressful intense situations.

6) I love my family more than they will ever know. I pray about every single brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew, and OF COURSE my mom and dad every day. I don't know who I would be without them.

7) I'm not antisocial, and I'm not a bitch. Buuut I am REALLY rude to random people in public. For instance, when I'm standing in line at the checkout and some lady tries talking to me--I pretend I can't hear her. Same with flying in an airplane....

8) My dream is to some day teach a fitness class. Not an "aerobics class"--that has the stigma of girls in spandex clapping their hands and bouncing around like rabbits. I want it to to be badass, and I want people to leave feeling sore, sweaty, and nearly in tears.

9) The first time I ever met Ryan I thought he was husband material. The only thing I knew about him was that he was cute, looked Italian, and went to a Catholic church. But I wanted to marry him. We didn't start dating for another year.

10) I can't make pancakes. I can do a variety of yeast breads, cookies, cakes, squash, lasagna, risotta, any meat, even french toast---but I cannot make a pancake if my life depended on it!

11) I cannot function without Ryan in my life. He assists me with the perplexities of "COMMON SENSE" (which, sadly, I often lack)

12) I could put mustard on anything. ANYTHING. It started with salads, progressed to fresh veggies and baked potatoes. Well, the other day, a section of my APPLE fell into the mustard on my plate and I was lovin' it.

13) I am excited to have kids some day. I want a girl and a boy. Ryan and I have already discussed the various discipline strategies we will use and our means of educating them...and the sports they will play. We never talk about names though--b/c there is some disagreement there.

14) I am addicted to diet soda. If Diet soda=water...I would be so hydrated. My kidneys might hate me some day.

15) I love the sun. I know skin cancer is bad. But I love the sun. The sun is my "double whopper from mcdonalds" that other american's indulge in. The sun is my "1/2 pack a day" that IDIOTS smoke. The sun is my "I dont drink milk because it tastes nasty" that a great population of women proclaim. I am starting to wear sunscreen every day though!

16) Ryan and I have learned to always prepare ourselves for adventure. Sometimes we leave the house to go "Studying at starbucks" and find ourselves in a canyon on a 5 mile hike. Almost anywhere we go -- there are fishing rods in the trunk, frisbees/football in the back seat, and a full-filled camelback with us b/c you just never know with us.........

17) I dream that after I have made enough money and am no longer boggled down with a busy life...I am going to re-aquainten myself with my musical talent. I was really good when I had access to a piano (*tear rolling down my face*)...and some day I'm going to get that back and write music.

18) I can't talk on the phone. I never know when to pause, or when to talk. It is horrible. If there was a seminar on how to talk on the phone--I would sign up. It's very frustrating.

19) I can't wait to have a garden. When I was a child, my mom thought I would grow up to be a horticulturist. I want the largest collection of herbs, flowers, vegtables, and fruits one could imagine!

20) I love to run (and bike) long distances. It makes me feel so at peace and happy. My idea of "therapy" is a 30 mile road bike through the mountains of Tucson with Ryan.

21) Ryan and I are extremely traditional in our relationship, and that is how it will always be. Ryan is the man--he does the manly stuff involving repairs, building things out of wood, fixing cars, understanding finances.....I am the woman--I cook, clean, wear an apron, pack the man's lunch, and do laundry. However, we will be mutual "bread-makers" in our family.

22) I have learned to value education so much. When I moved to Tucson, I didn't think I was going to be going to school anymore b/c in July, University of Arizona's nursing program decided to quit accepting students for a year. The ability to be get educated is the most amazing experience ever and I am so grateful for my experience in nursing school (and it's getting paid for by a hospital!)

23) The sound of a ticking clock could drive me to insanity. If I am studying or sleeping in a room with one...I take out the batteries.

24) I have extreme germophobia. At church, I actually dread the portion of mass where we have to shake hands with bacteria-infested strangers. After shaking their hand, I pull out my hand sanitizer. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear latex gloves.

25) My best friend in the entire world is Ryan. We contact each other throughout our busy days via text message planning out how excited we are to see each other at the end of the day.
I even get excited for studying if it means that he's across the table from me. I
realllly didn't ever want to date/love/get married until Ryan came into my life. He changed that! :)
I am more content and happy than I could ever have imagined just knowing I will have him forever.


Lisa D said...

I love these things! I didn't know ticking clocks bothered you, too! They are the WORST! Too funny. We definitely have plenty of similarities!!

Mama Nastase said...

I love your list, Abby, because I am so enjoying getting to know you better! I totally agree with your number #1. Your number 7 made me laugh out loud...I had NO idea!! I am the complete opposite in that regard as I will be standing in line and by the time I'm checked out, the person in front of me is my new "best friend"! ha ha

Thanks for sharing 25 things about yourself...very cool.

Momma Bear said...

Ok, you have a fetish with shaking hands and I actually have special "subway gloves" when I go to Boston. I wash my hands so often they are chapped all year long. I also have every student who goes through my classroom convinced they all need hand sanitizer in their lockers. Obsessive...yes and it gets more profound with each year passing.

Marlys said...

What an enjoyable read! Nothing surprised me, but what impressed me was how very much you & Ryan are in love! You are in my prayers everyday, too, and it warms my heart that you pray for us, too! Love you so much and miss you, too. I can't wait for the end of May to see you when you come for Lisa's party and your shower. Sharon is working on it, so I will keep you informed.