Thursday, January 15, 2009

A happy update!

Although life is quite busy lately, I jsut wanted to send out a little update on life! I am happy to say that "Soon-to-be-Nastase family" had a high-flying week!

During the Christmas break, whenever Ryan wasn't working at Raytheon or the Guard...he was studying to take his CDC test to become Staff sargent. He was a bit nervous, since he just focused his time on reading through the books--and the class is usually a 6 week class on leadership and management in the Air Force. He tested Tuesday afternoon, and scored high with an 87% which is awesome! I am so excited for him, and proud! Ryan also started up the spring semester yesterday, and he is very excited about his upcoming classes. The load this semester is will a heavy one for him!

Nothing monumental this week for me...but I will say that I have successfully survived my first two weeks of nursing school, and am counting down the days until I can be done with my N-CLEX and call myself an R.N.! I have probably learned more in these 2 weeks than I did in my entire undergrad up to this point. Things are going very well, and I have found a great study group! Tomorrow I do my first assesment of a patient!.............

.........Okay..the so the "patient" is a mannekin in the "simulation lab". This is no "mall mannequin" displaying clothing, however. It blinks, moves, vomits, urinates, and takes in catheters. Pretty amazing what technology has done so "learning nursing students" don't kill innocent patients due to lack of experience! :)

Well, I have heard that the weather is pretty miserable for all the folks up north. It's in the 70's here.....I wore shorts and a tshirt today. Sorry, guys. I think it's just a sign you all need to mouth SOUTH! :)


Lisa D said...

I still love that the 'mannequin' blinked at you! Hilarious. I would have freaked!

Um, by the way, have you seen the movie Mannequim? If not, you totally should! It's from the 80's I think.

Mama Nastase said...

Congratulations to Ryan on doing so well!! I can't wait for him to sew on his new stripes...this is very cool! (Plus the pay raise will be nice, too!)

As for the mannequin, does it get a name? I would have a hard time "working on" a dummy with no name. I think it's hilarious that it reacts like it reminds me of an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

Love you!

Momma Bear said...
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Momma Bear said...

Hey, stop selling yourself short..."Nothing monumental this week for me...but I will say that I have successfully survived my first two weeks of nursing school"!!!

Holey Buckets...Abby, you and Ry both should be proud of yourselves because we sure are!

Yea, it is cold up here...100 degrees colder than where you are...let me just stress BRRRRRR! However, will have some balmy weather this will be in the upper 20's. Everyone will be out sunning themselves and selling lemonade.

Enjoy your weekend.

Marlys said...

I, too, congratulate you both on your accomplishments! Bravo, Ryan on passing your sargent test with such a high grade! It is fun visiting with you, Abby, on your experiences thus far in nursing school, as it brings back memories. My experience was much different as the only dummy we had was the one we did CPR on, and he was not realistic at all! Times sure have changed but it was 40 years ago since I graduated! That does age me, doesn't it?

Momma Bear said...

Keep your chin up Abby! Give me a call if you need anything. We love you. Listen to my all time favorite song...The Eagles, The Best of My Love. It is like a great big deep breath:) We love you both.