Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Honeymoon

So my lovely sister, Lisa has posted 5 excellent blogs recapping the events of the amazing wedding weekend. Now, normally I would link this. However, I do not know how to link another blog (I am completely computer-unsavy). However, the only peoploe that read this blog, read Lisa's blog as well.

I am going to skip the recap of our wedding, in that case....and skip to our honeymoon!

We left for Cancun, Mexico on last Wednesday. We got home from the wedding the Monday after, I was sick with a horrible flu that turned into Bronchitus for a 1.5 weeks, and I had finals week for school. A real whirlwind, and finding real time to enjoy our married life was tough. So Wednesday morning I took my final test, and had Ryan pick me up from school and we headed straight to the airport!

We arrived at 9:30 pm to our "Couples-Only-All Inclusive" resort the "Playa Mujeres" http://www.excellence-resorts.com/all-inclusive-resorts/playa-mujeres-mexico/playa-overview.htm
It was absolutely amazing. The Mexican taxi companies completely screwed us over and we paid $80 to get to our hotel. At that moment, I was really wishing I had taken Spanish in college. After all that stress, we arrived at the hotel and were greated by the Bell-Boy with Champagne. We were taken to our room, and were floored by how amazing our room was. Photos of a general idea of our paradise are above. (For some reason..I can't remember how to place pictures where I want them!)

Most of the vacation was spent enjoying ourselves at the resort. There was more than plenty to do! Absolutely everything was All-Inclusive (except for really fine bottles of wine). The restaurants were like 5-star ones, that had one waiter assigned to your table. They pulled out chairs, placed napkins in your lap, and refilled our water or wine with each drink/sip taken! The pools and beachside had waiters constantly serving you. Our room had it's own private pool.

They had sailboats, kayaks, snorkeling gear that were available for us to take out. Ryan got a 15 minute sailing lesson, and we were able to take it out. It was amazing being out in the middle of the ocean just the 2 of us!!!!

We kayaked across to a pier, and kicked 5 other couples butts with our athletic-teamwork skills. (We are definitely taking a camping trip this fall that involves kayaking!)

Friday evening we went into town for a "Sunset Cruise". They served you a delicious 3 course Surf-and-Turf meal, and once again it was open bar and all inclusive. The stars were absolutely incredible. I love being on the sea I have decided!

Saturday morning, we had a taxi leave at 7:30 a.m., where we met a tour bus that took us south of Cancun to Tulum.

Tulum is a Mayan Civilization. We were at a natural park called "Xel Ha". The picture doesn't even do the justice. They have one of the BEST snorkeling areas in Mexico. We snorkeled for a good 1.5 hours and saw many beautiful tropical fish, and even a few sting rays (scary!!!). We got some great shots with our underwater camera. The area that we snorkeled in was a Trading Port 3000 years ago! After snorkeling we hopped on tubes and tubed/swam down a river that was encapsulated by rain-forest. We then walked across a tight-rope, which was way more difficult than I imagined!! (The picture is not of either of us obviously...I found a picture of it on the website to give you an idea)

After returning to our hotel, we showered up and went out to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant.

Our last day was spent lounging on the beach, swimming, and soaking up our last moments of paradise. We woke in the morning and took a nice long run on the beach, and then had our "Honeymoon Champange Breakfast" delivered to our room. We got to choose exactly what we wanted--so I was lovin' the natural yogurts and fresh fresh fruit!!

In the evening we had our "Honeymooner evening dinner" at the French restaurant. I had Steak Tartar...which is raw meat--and tasted amazing. We both had Sea Bass. The meal was incredible. We then headed to the plaza for an evening of dancing to a live band. It was fun to use our ballroom/Latin dance skills--and we are looking forward to taking lessons when we graduate!!

We are now home from paradise, and my day was spent cleaning house and getting resettled home for the first time since before the wedding. Feels amazing.

We are definitely enjoying married life, and every day together we feel extremely blessed!


Mama Nastase said...

Wow, it does sound like paradise! Beyond that horrible taxi-experience, it sounds like everything was perfect. I wondered if you were going to be able to travel from the resort very much... I have heard so much about the ruins of Tulum. Don't you think the Mayan civilization is so interesting?

Your pictures are wonderful...you and Ryan look like models and all of your pictures could be advertisements!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What an awesome honeymoon! Sounds like the perfect mix of fun activities & beach time. That resort sounds amazing!!

Props to you for trying steak tartare. I am intimidated by it!!

B and B said...

Man! I want to go on a honeymoon! Awesome!

Marlys said...

Great pictures and sounded like the perfect trip! You got to do lots of things, that's for sure! I'm so glad you were able to get away when you did and are now ready to tackle the world of reality!