Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Wedding!!

So we left off Thursday night at about 3am when I finally fell asleep from extreme exhaustion. I woke naturally about at 6:30am the following morning, of course. The morning person in me never leaves!!

I woke to the most beautiful sound....rain. I donned my spandex long sleeve, shorts, Mizuno running shoes, and of course "Marc Antony"--my GPS.

(Yes, I have it named. Prior to Ryan, my GPS was named Dmitri. When I met Ryan and took him on our 1st run, I introduced him to Dmitri and said "I don't have time to date men. So since I have the dream of loving an cute Italian boy--I have named my GPS after one". The next day Ryan set out to buy a new GPS and told me "You can use this from now on. We will come up with a better name..a warrior-like name." And hence, Marc Antony is the name)

I was at such peace during that run....feeling about 1000 feels at once. Nerves about all the wedding stress, excitement about all the family I get to see, and true joy that I was marrying the man of my dreams in one day. I was missing Ryan--we didn't spend a lot of time together during the week prior to the big day. I wanted so badly to return from my run, jump in his arms, and cook breakfast together. The yearning to see him gave me peace of mind. If I'm this enthusiastic about this guy every second of the day??--I think we are made for each other!

After my run, my sister-in-law Erin came over and did a trail make-up run on me. Her talent brought me at ease, knowing my make-up would look great on the big day. (I am cosmetically challenged.)

My mom, sisters Lisa and Emily, sister-in-law Emily, and myself packed up the cars and headed to Thumper Pond to decorate. And wow, was I ever stressed out. Mom was more stressed out than me. I felt okay, my mom was pretty high strung--which hence made me a little high strung. However, she had reason to feel that way--she had a vision and the vision was absolutely perfect.

I am so grateful for my sisters and Mom that day. They kept me calm and happy throughout the entire weekend. And thank god for them--because I have NO artistic/decorating ability whatsoever.

After a few hours of strenuous decorating, we headed back to the cabin to get ready for the rehearsal. I am now getting pretty tense. It was all happening so fast! It was a very cold and rainy evening, unfortunately. Luckily we had a great cabin rented out and it worked perfect. My brothers, who are incredible, did the cooking. They made their brisket and chicken--and it was absolutely sensational :) Probably not the "best food" to eat the night before my wedding?--but I didn't was good!

The rehearsal was a whirlwind. Absolute chaos. Turbulent storm. Violent tornado. No one else seemed to think it was very bad. From my was NUTS! I wanted to scream. I felt like nothing was going right. The church, being BRAND NEW, was not set up. Things just felt.....chaotic (it's the only word I can use). I was trying to be social, and greet my friends and family with appreciation and excitement. All I wanted to do was curl up in the corner and scream. I don't like disorder--simply stated.

However, things fell together. If you weren't aware--I am bit of a worrier. The church was absolutely beautiful on the wedding day. Everything fell together perfect.

The first moment on Friday evening that I felt peace, was a profound one. Ryan and I stayed after the rehearsal to attend Reconciliation with the priest. There is something so profound, enlightening, and uplifting about going to confession. It may be weird to talk about this in a blog--but it was a very significant part of our sacrament of matrimony.

After confession, I felt absolutely calm. Speaking with the priest, he prayed with me and brought me a profound and true sense of peace. It was beautiful.

I highly recommend all Catholics who get married to go to Reconciliation the night before you wedding. It brings God in stronger as the center of your soon-to-be-marriage.

We were off to the rehearsal.....

To be continued....:)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think the rehearsal is always the most nerve-wracking part of the wedding weekend for every bride. You get all the stress out of your system & then you are calm and cool for the wedding. :)

Can't wait for the next recap.

Oh, and I can't handle disorder or chaos either. I get super jittery & my hands get shaky. It's not good.

We are such mini Marlys's! :)

Mama Nastase said...

Abby, I absolutely know what you mean about having special spiritual moments before your wedding; the peace & calm it brings you is amazing. I am so happy your priest was able to marry you in Battle Lake; the connection you have with him is obvious and I am sure that added to your calm & peace of mind.

Can't wait to read the rest!

Marlys said...

I have to agree with you on the rehearsal, as I thought it was disorganized, too! But they usually are that way and then the wedding turns out perfectly. I know Father Anderl wasn't in his element in a strange church without help from the priests from OLL and he was running late, so that added to the chaos. I think God tests the bridal couple the night before the wedding just to see how they handle the stress, and then when it all turns out perfectly, you realize someone else is in charge! Also, I'm so happy you felt the power of the sacrament you received as your Dad & I also went and felt great peace and calm. What will be will be!

Kelly said...

I just found your blog and I am loving reading about your wedding! Can't wait to hear about the rehearsal and wedding!