Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My goal for the week

Okay, so I was ever-so-consistently updating this blog and giving the play-by-play on our wedding weekend. That can be attributed to the fact that I had a week off from nursing school.

My next rotation began: Labor/Deliver and Nursing Research. ....and goodbye blogging! I really have things to write about, but feel as though I can't talk about anything until I give the grand finale of "The Wedding Day".


By the end of this week, my goal is to recap the wedding day before it is all forgotten and I have become an old maid.

Once this is completed, I will probably rant and write often. So be prepared. Just have to get over "the hump".

I just have to:
1) conduct a research article on the cause of preterm babies (i'm going to come up with the answer--I am determined....) -I wish!!-
2)Compiling a 25 page full assessment on a pregnant woman I have been stalking for a project
3) Study for/complete my second exam of the semester.
4) Continue being a sweet, loving, devoted wife. And make sure a heart-warming, healthy meal is on the table for all meals for my stressed out/busy husband :)
5) Do my last minute training for a 10 mile race I signed up for this week. The race is in 2 weeks. Eek! I can do it! will all be hearing about the wedding day in one week....Stay tuned!


Ashley Gerner said...

I look forward to you answering the "what causes a preterm baby" will make my life and work much easier if i could answer that quesiton!!! :)

Good luck on all the papers, tests, etc!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think L&D would be the most interesting rotation. I think the older you get as a woman, the more intriguing the whole labor & delivery process is. And the most scary it is because the older you get, the higher the risk of having something go wrong. :(

Good luck getting everything done!

Mama Nastase said...

Oh Abby, I so relate to wanting to write but having a million other things to complete first. (In my case, nothing as exciting as college papers, unfortunately.) I still want to update my blog with your wedding pictures/Jack's baptism! (I SWEAR I'll get it done before your first anniversary & his first birthday! ha ha)

Love you lots!