Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today if you were in my nice, friendly, family-oriented cute neighborhood; and you decided to walk down my may have heard noises that would make you think something VERY, VERY BAD has happened.

The sounds were probably resembling some sort of dying animal.

That dying animal?--was Me: watching our wedding video--crying, sobbing, laughing--uncontrollably. Do you ever watch soap operas? (I don't...but I assume when people cry on them, it's very loud and dramatic) -- That was me today.

In fact -- my husband, Ryan just so happened to called during this time. I couldn't get words out, because I couldn't catch my breath. He immediately signaled in with concern "Abby? Abby? Is everything okay? Do I need to come home? What happened? Are you hurt? Did someone break in?"

FINALLY, I was able to catch my breath and say; "Our wedding was so beautiful!!!!!! I can't believe it all really happened."

His reply was just pure laughter, and finally he replied, "Yeah, babe! We've been married for 2 months. Did that all just hit you now?"

Since we returned from the honeymoon--I haven't had much desire to watch our wedding video. In fact, I've felt pretty "wedding-ed out". But today, something sparked me to throw it in. And I cannot believe the happiness it brought me. (Despite the fact that our videographer sucked. I seriously think she was taking pulls of vodka throughout the day)

Anyways. I'm not going to get into intricate details of the wedding day. When we get our pictures back, I will do a post recapping moments throughout the day. But all I am going to say--is that 08/08/09 was absolutely perfect.

I remember planning for the wedding, and I had this picture in my head of "My dream wedding". However, the actual day surpassed that by far. It was more than I had ever dreamed of. (Aww..That sounds so cheesey!!)

While watching the clips from the video--I wanted to jump back into that day and hug everyone, and thank everyone again, and relive all those moments again! It was so perfect!!

And the best outcome of the whole deal--is that I get a happy marriage. I know we are still "newlyweds". And according to the general public's advice--"I am going to turn into super-bitch in a week, and probably get fat." (Several people have actually told us this is what happens in marriage...although I have reason to believe their advice is skewed and based off personal experience....)

The past few weeks have been really really really stressful. Ryan's school, job, life drains every last ounce of energy. Our schedules don't match up at ALL. I have absolutely zero patience for dealing with people, due to basic frustrations with group projects and school. And it has just been plain crazy! (And I am sure way more stressful days are to come in our future...)

However, despite all that--at the end of the day--we still have the most patience and love for each other imaginable. And I can proudly say that we end each day, despite what happened--with big smiles on our face, and complete happiness :D

So hopefully we get our wedding pictures back SOON. Because trying to quick "recap the day" by watching the video--is quite a dramatic ordeal :).....

...But a happy one !


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I bet it was emotional watching the video. I think the day of, you are so caught up in everything, it's really emotional to actually watch it after the fact and let it all sink in.

I know for shizzo that you two are always going to be happy together. Wow, I sound like I am from the ghetto. ;) From the first moment I met Ryan I thought - man, Abby is lucky! And Ryan is lucky, too. You bring out the very best in each other and I couldn't have picked a better brother-in-law!!

Mama Nastase said...

Aww, I'll bet you cried! Your wedding was so beautiful and perfect that I cried through the entire ceremony...the happiest tears, ever!

I'm curious, did you watch on the tapes to the point where the videographer was asking family members to give advice? How did that part turn out? (I'm recalling myself stammering and stuttering and probably not making any sense! lol)