Monday, October 19, 2009

My Daily Rant

Okay..I really wish I didn't have an exam and presentation today. Because if I would've had time to blog about this around 10:00 this morning upon my return from the gym--this would have be far more angry and vent-ful.

Do you guys have membership at a gym? Have you ever seen pure, disgusting, sweaty meatheads at a gym? Have you ever wanted to drop a 100 lb weight on someone's toe at the gym?

In high school...I really didn't like jocks. The jocks in my high school were idiots. A-holes. Gross. Annoying. Going no where. Stuck in little North Dakota for life. But "Oh, how the girl's loved them."

Not me.

They made me sick to my stomach.

Now, one would think men would out-grow that jock-ish, gross, testosterone-hyped phase of life.

No. They just hang out at their local gym/fitness club all day. ALLLL DAY.

Thankfully, it has been cooling off lately--and I have been getting more serious about running. And Ryan and I have set up an "at home gym" with weight bench, jumpropes, and all in our garage. So going to the club-house fitness center is no longer a daily event.

However, this morning--I headed to the gym for a "nice de-stressing-work out" before my test.

What a horrible idea!

During my work out, I really wanted to drop weights on people's toes. However, I would be written up by the HOA of our neighborhood. So just gritted my teeth, and wished I had my I-Pod with me.

1) Do not grunt and moan after you have finished your lift. There is nothing hard about standing in the middle of the gym flexing your muscles.
2) Do no walk by me, and drip sweat in my area.
3) Do no cut your tshirt into a halter top, Males. I know you love to show off your pecs, and are jealous of women's sports bras. But it's not necessary.
4) Don't talk about your "weekend habits" on your cell phone while on the tredmill. I really don't care how many shots of tequila you took.
5) Don't talk to strangers at the gym. Normal people don't come to the gym to make friends.
6) If you can't lift 300 lbs, please don't try.
7) No matter how fit, and how good you look. It is NOT OKAY for you to wear spandex and a bra and do yoga in the middle of the gym.

These are all things I witnessed at our gym. Granted, it didn't all occur today. But it is likely to be seen during a given week.



B and B said...

Hoot! Rant away, Abby! It is so fun when you do.
Good luck on your school stuff, incidentally!

Mama Nastase said...

I'll ask Chris to not wear his half shirts to the gym anymore! ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love it. I have actually been thinking about doing a gym pet peeves post.

My issue is how people love to just walk around the locker room butt ass naked. Apparently the older you get the less self-conscious you become? I hate even changing into my clothes so I can't fathom walking around the locker room in the nude like some woman do.

Grossest: one woman sat down, completely naked on a bench in the locker room. oh. my. GOD. I won't even walk around w/out sock on - let alone sit down on a bench? * cringe *

Mama Nastase said...

Abby, I missed you TERRIBLY in yoga reference to #7 on your list. (On second thought, it's probably a good thing you WEREN'T there, because I would probably have been snorting and falling over whilst trying not to laugh out loud!)