Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Immune System?

I don't think I should be a nurse.

I am feeling sick today. It seems that when I get sick, I bypass all the preceding, gradual symptoms. I go straight to the big-bang. I woke up feeling feverish today, and as though I had been hit by a truck. Just felt funny.

However, my husband with his bad allergies was up all night last night sneezing--so I just assumed "Oh, it's just a combo of being tired and allergies".

I am still hoping it's allergies. But when I cough and hack--I sound like a Old Hag with COPD, who has smoked for 70 years.

The best part of all this; I have been NAGGING my poor husband all week --
-You need to get rest!
-You need to drink 60 more ounces of water before you can go to bed.
-Come over to the stove and breath in this steam!
-Come into the bathroom and snort saline.
-You need to eat a more well-balanced lunch!!"
-- all these great "health-promoting behaviors" to alleviate his discomfort.

However......I have not stopped, sat down, or breathed in the past week. I drank about 15 ounces of water today despite feeling like shit. I ate a bag of "Welch's" fruit snacks, an apple, and a Diet mountain Dew for lunch. My only method of allergy relief I have used is popping TYLENOL and ADVIL (the devil drugs) to take away the pain..

I am such a naughty patient!

As a result, I came home from clinicals tonight and am forcing fluids, eating a high protein and veggie-packed supper....

.....and working on my giant, long, massive, clinical paperwork........

No more Advil and Tylenol for this non-compliant, kidney-failure-driven girl.
I WILL BE illness free by noon tomorrow!!

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Mama Nastase said...

You poor thing! I sure hope you feel better, soon!