Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

So it seems to be the trend this year to do a post on your choice of social networking to state what you are most thankful about. I thought that was a really night idea -- but never got around to starting to do it!

Besides, I'm more of a "list" person.

So here I am going go list, in NO particular order, my blessings in life that I am ever thankful for!

  1. My husband. He is essential. It's pretty amazing to get to call your best friend your husband, or vice versa.
  2. Coffee. It gets me through extraordinarily long periods of studying & 5 hr lectures!
  3. My health. I am reminded of this blessing every day in every aspect of nursing.
  4. Target. I would say 75% of my wardrobe is Target.
  5. My house. Since I have moved away, I learned that I was kind of sheltered (in a good way). I had never really seen a homeless person before. Now I see them every day, and have even had them has patients. I can't imagine the utter fear of not having a place to go at night.
  6. Education. Although it causes stress in my life from time to time -- it is essential!!!!
  7. My parents. I could write a book about how much of an impact that have had on my life and the person I have become.
  8. Running shoes. Because that's all ya need! Find a trail, road, path, field; lace up your shoes; and you're working your heart, lungs, body, and mind! Running brings me sanity.
  9. My siblings. I have looked up to them my entire life! When I say siblings, I don't just mean immediate family either. I am talking about my in-laws on my side and my husbands' side! I consider them family!! :)
  10. My religion. I am a strong Catholic, and religion has always been extremely important in my life! I honestly don't know who I would be without God!
  11. Music. You could take me on the most stressful day, put me in front of a piano, and I would feel 100%. I love music. I can't wait to make it a part of my life again!
  12. Sweaters. So warm, so cute, so practical. I love sweaters.
  13. My nephews! They are the first children I've ever really been around. They are incredible. Children are incredible.
  14. Mustard. It goes well on practically anything.
  15. Food processors. I don't remember how I functioned before I had one.
  16. Showers. They are so therapeutic! (I'm on a no-medication, holistic kick these days)...and I think nothing soothes the body like a warm shower.
  17. The Midwest. I'm not even going into detail. I could write paragraphs about this.
  18. My high school education. Okay--this might sound as a HUGE joke to many. I always thought I received a shitty education. However, now I see other colleagues, and their lack of math ability, writing ability, and just simple grammar--and I realize, "Wow, maybe small-town ND school wasn't so bad!"
  19. The elderly. Sometimes they drive slow, and get crabby. But really -- they deserve so much respect and honor. I challenge you to take time and really talk with an elderly person. They have so much wisdom and experience that you can learn from.
  20. My car. I hate driving. But man--life would be rough if I had to take public transit.
  21. Wine. It's delicious. And nutritious. And quite interesting to learn about!
  22. Hugs. When you're having a rough day, rough moment, etc--a REAL, honest hug makes a world of difference.
  23. Allergy medications. I wouldn't be fun to hang out with if these didn't exist *sniff*
  24. Candles. The relaxing, warm ambiance they create is perfect.
  25. The gift of LIFE! It's pretty amazing that we are alive. Considering the numerous list of possible birth complications, etc that could occur?! It's a blessing just to be in this world!!


Mama Nastase said...

I think it's important for us to consider all the things for which we're grateful! We're thankful that we have you and Ryan in Tucson with us this year for the holiday. Love you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I whole-heartedly agree with all of them!

I am thankful for you!