Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye November!!!

So I am stealing this idea of the "monthly recap" from my sister Lisa! I think it's a cool idea to get the latest news!

It is just crazy to think that this month is gone. It was super busy and SUPER FAST! But I am ready for December to be here. I love the Christmas season. AND Ryan and I get to fly home to see the family for 10 days!!!!!!!! (*Pause...while Abby jumps up in down in cart-wheels-of-glory)

So here it is!

Current Book(s):

Nursing Care of Children & Infants by Hockenberry & Wilson. Very exciting.

But seriously, December 14 is my final. Then I get almost 3 weeks off!!!! (Allleluia!) So I am looking forward to doing some reading.

So to you "Book Worms" out there, I am open to suggestions.

Otherwise, I'm reading "Going Rogue". I dont care what you think, I think Sarah Palin is an amazing woman, and I would love to read her book! I am a proud fan!

Current Music:

Christmas, Christmas, and More Christmas!

However, I shouldn't sound so "open-loving". I am kind of picky. It needs to be "mood-setting". Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, even Manheim Steamroller. But no upbeat cheesy stuff.

Last season, whenever I listened to my fave's--I sobbed uncontrollably to songs such as "White Christmas", "I'll be Home for Christmas", and "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays". But this year I'm lovin it!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

CANDY CANES. I try to stay away from over-indulging on holiday treats. They just equal bad stomach aches, weight gain, and fluid retention. And to be honest:

  • Sugar cookies make me gag.

  • Fudge is rich and makes me too thirsty.

  • Most "holiday recipes" are PACKED with butter -- which makes me have stomach aches.

  • Divinity tastes like styrofoam.

But I looooove candy canes. You can't go wrong. So that is my guilty pleasure. They're awful for my teeth, I know. But I love them. I now carry them in my purse for a on-the-go treat.

Current colors:


Current obsessions:

Probably......socks. Cute Christmas socks. Or anything that is "thin" and more "stocking-like". They make me happy.

My favorite way to sport them is to wear my knee-high Xmas socks with shorts around the house. So stylish--Gotta look attractive for my husband!

Current drink:

Powerade Zero - Lime!! They finally came out with the GREEN flavor!!! I am often dehydrated from all the running I do. And AZ is the DRYEST PLACE IN THE PLANET. So it's a staple for me to get my electrolytes.

Current song:

"The Best is Yet to Come". Right now, Ryan & I are in serious "life planning mode". It's kind of scary, but exciting. Being I listen to alot of Frank--this song comes up often....and I get butterflies when I hear it. (I'm cheesy, I know).....

Current movie:

Four Christmases. I saw it last year in theaters with my sisters. And have been telling Ryan ALL year that he neeeds to see it. It's out--and we bought it. I think it may be my favorite Christmas movie!!! :)

Current TV shows:

I really don't want any tv, except for The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights! It's almost over though! And to be honest....I'm getting kind of bored with it. After drama-queen's got kicked off -- it isn't the same.

Current Wish-List:

-Good shoes for nursing. I have $15 shoes I bought at Target. (nothing against Target)...but being on my feet for 12 hours straight...they aren't very nice. These are quite ideal. Look nerdy-but apparently feel good on the feet!

-I would also like a haircut, and color. I honestly can't find time to do it until this semester is over :( But the day will come!

Current needs:

Well, I think at LEAST the haircut could fall into this realm.

And time. I just want one more day in this week. Even 1/2 a day! After my giant test on Wednesday....I have a giant paper to write. It stresses me out.

Current Triumph:

6 miles is kind of my judging pace (it's my favorite distance to run).

In the past month, I have decreased my time from 8:40/mile to 8:18/mile for average. And I ran it 8:08/mile once last week!!! :)

Current bane of my existence:

Nursing school. Ped's. Writing papers. Congenital heart defects.

Current Goal:

To get an acceptable grade on my test this week. (I don't feel safe saying A....)

To get out my Christmas cards in the next week.

To have all wedding pictures uploaded onto my computer by the time I go home for Christmas!

Current Indulgence:

Raddishes! I don't know how much of an "indulgence" it is. But since I moved away from parent's home--I forgot they existed! Upon purchasing them for my Thanksgiving relish tray....I realized I was the ONLY person who ate them.

Which is AWESOME!!! More for me! For lunch today...I ate like 10 raddishes dipped in mustard with my salad. Mmmm...I'm buying more tomorrow.

Current blessings:

My husband. Although he is "the man" of the house--and checks on my car for me, takes out the garbage, fixes things that break, and sets up my computer for me.......

He also went Christmas shopping with me on black Friday, helped me find a new purse, did the Turkey on Thanksgiving, AND helped me decorate our Christmas tree.

Let's just not let him I know talked about this on my blog. He's not feminine, he's just really helpful. And I'm really lucky. I don't know many men who do this.

To see other blessings -- Refer to my "Thanksgiving Blessing" Post!"

Current slang or saying:

Well Merry Christmas to you too!! I say it when people are cranky.

Current favorite outfit:

Argyle sweaters, dark jeans

Current excitement:

December 23 we are flying to North Dakota!!!!!!!!!

And I'm excited about all the Christmas parties coming up. There are 2 we are going to at Raytheon for Ryan's work, and another one this Friday for some other thing for Ryan. I found a steal on an adorable little black dress on Black Friday and am way pumped to wear it!! :)

Current mood:

Mixed. I'm excited about the season and our coool weather! Finally!

But I am currently not happy, I am at school, and about to begin a 5 hour lecture. Gross.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't believe you don't like sugar cookies!! Those are my favorite and I am going to miss them so, so, so much. :( But it's ok - I will go on w/out them and my body will say thank you for not putting gluten in it!

I loved 4 Christmases - didn't realize it was out, totally need to add that to my netflix queue!

Marlys said...

I never watched 4 Christmas's so will have to add it to our netflix queue, also! I also want to watch "Up" as I heard it is really cute!

Mama Nastase said...

I've never watched 4 Christmases either, will have to stick it in my queue.