Friday, November 13, 2009

My Beloved Ingredient

Today I am blogging a tribute to probably my favorite ingredient. This is not just an ingredient for the kitchen, but for your whole household!

Often, this ingredient is looked down upon. People smell it, and say"ick!"

Not I. I feel such an inexpensive staple is underestimated.....


Here are some of the things I use Vinegar in my daily life!:

Food uses:
  • I always soak my meat in a variation of Vinegar & Herbs to make it it's tenderest. Balsalmic? Red wine? Rice? Apple Cider Even plain ole' White Vinegar.
  • It is the best topping to a delicious & nutritious salad! Can't do just plain white? Try Red-Wine vinegar. Still too strong for your tastes? Dilute a dressing such as "French/Catalina" with some vinegar!
  • Mix some Balsamic with your asparagus and throw it on the grill!!
Laundry uses:
  • Every month, I run an empty load in my washer on the HOTTEST temp, and a few tbsp's of White Vinegar & some bleach! It keeps my clothes smelling fresh--especially the towels!
  • Cleaning Ryan's black, dirty, military boots! I take a little vinegar on a rag and use it to buff up and remove stains!
  • It removes mustard stains! Since I eat mustard with almost every meal - stains occur. Vinegar breaks them down!
Cleaning uses:
  • After my garbage disposal nightmare with the lime/lemon rinds. I researched new methods of freshening up your sink. Pouring some vinegar and just a small amount of baking soda down with hot water for about a minute freshens it right up!
  • Removes all charred/greasiness from microwaves, stove tops, or oven doors!! Soak these items for a minute, and clean away!!
  • Scorched pots/pans! After washing as much out possible with soap/H2O -- Pour white vinegar in the pan, and let soak for a few hours. It should come right out!
  • Wine glasses getting water stops/cloudy? Rinse out with some vinegar!
  • Run 1/2 cup of vinegar with water through your coffee pot, to clean the inner workings!
A few facts: (thought I'd research little on it!)
  • The use of vinegar dates back to the Egyptian era of 3000 B.C.
  • Don't use this magical ingredient to clean you pearls! They will melt away in vinegar!
  • There is a National Vinegar Museum in South Dakota(?!) (I don't think I'd visit a museum)
  • Jesus was offered vinegar before he was crucified.
  • Caesar's army drank vinegar as a beverage. (What men!)
  • It was used during the Bubonic Plague to prevent skin from germs!
Now, most of these tips are probably common sense to most of you. But I thought they were kind of neat! It's great to see such an inexpensive, easy-access household item has so many uses! Yay for vinegar!

And the best thing of all?? -- It used in pickling!!! :)


B and B said...

And, here is one more excellent use for vinegar I learned from your brothers:
When you sanitize a cutting board with bleach after using to prepare uncooked meat, rinse it with vinegar and any aftertaste from the bleach disappears!

Mama Nastase said...

I use vinegar IN my wash instead of fabric softener when I wash my towels. It keeps them soft AND absorbant. (And keeps the colors bright, as well.)

I HEART vinegar and I HEART this entry! So cute and amusing.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - I learned alot from this post! And the commenters!!

And yah, when i start thinking of what I am thankful for, I should list vinegar given my love of pickles!!

Marlys said...

Abby - enjoyed your blog! I learned some things, too! Your Aunt Betty puts a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinks it when she has hearburn and it goes away immediately! Interesting! I'm going to try that the next time I have heartburn!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I will have to try some of this tips!