Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sedatives, anyone?

Today was November 11.

It's already bad out there, people. Dangerous. Scary.

I wish I could've had some Ativan today. Not the pill. I wanted it from a syringe. I would have liked to inject it straight into my body as I had to make my way through the food court in the mall to get to the other side without bursting into tears of frustration. (Oh, I am so dramatic)

Sneezing/hacking old men, emotional-eating women shoving Cinna-bons into their mouth 3-at-a-time, childen running around in a complete chaos, rude/snotty high-school-kids sucking down their $8 Jamba juices with an indiscriminable face from their abundance of facial piercings (Ow!!!). I suddenly felt like I was no longer in the mall, but in a zoo surrounded by screaming hyenas. I regress -- it was worse than a zoo. At least zoos contain the animals. This was not contained. The mall today was a truely a glimpse of hell.

What a bad decision.

I told Ryan, "I am going to quick run into a store" I set up a meeting place. By the time he found me, I was literally pushed up against a wall, narotically rubbing Purell all over my hands, arms....even up to my shoulders.

I love Christmas. It is definitely my favorite holiday. Here are things I love:

  • Christmas music: Preferably the creations of Nat King Cole, Frank Sintra, even Manheim Streamroller if I'm really in the mood (especially if I'm cleaning)
  • The smell of cinnamon everywhere you go.
  • The coffees at Starbucks. Even though I never buy them, because I fear the caloric content -- I make Ryan get one, and then I take sips of his.
  • The baking. Especially the process of baking
  • Most of all -- the family. I love Christmas Eve with my family. It is amazing. Family everywhere, tons of laughs, Oyester stew, Crab legs, a wide variety of sea food snacks, wine, and Christmas eve mass. So much happiness.
  • Candy canes. Screw the cookies, fudge, etc--give me Candy canes and lots of them. I love peppermint.
  • Sweaters. Especially Christmas sweaters. Ryan & I are purchasing cheesiest holiday apparell we can find this year, and wearing them with a hat on our flight to North Dakota. Cannot wait.
  • Advent Wreathes. I love lighting advent wreathes, flourshing the week with prayers, and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.
  • The excitement Children get about the season, the adorable letters they write, and when they realize Santa Claus has come. It's just way too cute. I can't wait to see my nephews this year!!!

However, today I learned there are a few things I don't like about Christmas. And those are (though few, so don't call my a scrooge):

  • Crowds at the mall
  • Any nativity scene where Santa Clause is placed hovering over Jesus. Come on, people. Saint Nicholas was not present at the birth of Jesus Christ. Enough said. I could say more--but I will stop there.
  • The post office. I feel like during the holiday season the postal workers become sinister, Christmas-gift-ruining pricks. It's almost as though they want to make you cry. (I had a bad experience last year)

Before y'all think I have turned into an angry Christmas-hating grump. Please, do unsterstand this is purely a "vent". Maybe humor? I really do enjoy this season like none other, and cannot wait to fill my house with the smells of cinnamon, sounds of Sinatra, and decorations of Christmas. But there are some things that I just don't enjoy about the holidays!

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank a Vet today!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha! Nice rant! You should do this once a week!

You run so much, though, I think you should treat yourself to a Starbucks holiday drink every once in awhile! I promise you will not gain weight or anything!

I love the Christmas sweater thing!!

Marlys said...

Can't wait to pick you up at the airport! Christmas will be here before we know! I look forward to the usual sights and smells, as well!
Your rant was so you, Abby! I had to chuckle! And like Lisa said, one Starbucks Holiday drink will not hurt you one bit! ENJOY!!!!