Sunday, December 6, 2009

Figured Out

I have been at a huge loss.

Didn't even want to be a nurse, anymore.

Thought to myself, Nothing really draws me in.

How can I be doing well in my classes, when I'm absolutely miserable. I was actualy getting pist off when teachers would give me positive feedback.

But today, I got to be on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). And it was amazing. Not so much the pediatric aspect of it all. But the ICU aspect, I loved. Which is perfect. Because my contracting hospital has no kids or babies. I felt like my education was finally being applied, I was thinking, I was being challenged.

It was incredible.

This is probably the shortest, most uninteresting blog I have written.

But I had to update.

I'm ecstatic.

I have had this cloud over head lately that has suppressed my past dreams. I didn't think I had the ability to reach my goals. I originally was excited about my career. And that excitement is back! game plan =
  1. Continue to network with my teachers/mentors to get a preceptorship in the ICU at my hospital this summer
  2. Do amazing in my Critical Care semester this summer.
  3. Get hired on at my hospital into the ICU.
  4. Apply and get accepted to the ASU Nurse Practitional Program
  5. Receive my DNP. Yep. Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  6. Love my life.
  7. Move back to MN .
  8. Love life even more.

So happy.

And there's only 8 days left of class before my break!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you had a moment of epiphany. It is totally normal to question what you are doing when you are pursuing the degree - that even happened when I was in grad school.

Glad you are finding something that you are interested in!!

B and B said...

And, moments (days....months) of doubt happen decades into one's career! I would have real down times and ask myself how can I keep doing this and then a child in my classroom would say something that would all of a sudden work to lift my spirits and make me realize I am making a difference!! I think these moments in one's life are true gifts from God. I am happy for you, Abby!

Mama Nastase said...

I'm happy for you, too, Abby!