Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tomorrow is a day in universities referred to as "Reading and Review Day". This is a day of no classes. Focusing. Preparing for a week of finals ahead.

However, the reality and importance of this day doesn't always set in during the first years of college (unless you're realllly focused). It's a pretty cool concept. An entire day that you would NORMALLY be in class that is TOTALLY focused on studying? How amazing.....

It never happened that way in my 1st years of college, however. This was an extended weekend of endless fun! It began Thursday at 3! -- Bust open the boxed wine! We get a long weekend! silly I was.

This weekend has a special place in my heart. It was the weekend, 2 years ago, that I told Ryan "I think I'm falling in love with you......"

When did I realize this? Was it a romantic date? Was it on a beautiful, magical, walk through a snowy winterhaven?

No -- We were sipping coffee and Baileys in -40 degree temps, huddled over a propane heater. Decked out head-to-toe in UND Hockey Gear.

We didn't utilize Reading and Review Day for studying that year. We spent 14 hours camping out in the sub-zero temps with our friends to get good seats at the UND/U of M hockey rivalry!

I don't even like hockey. But I stood in those temps, pretending to be THRILLLLED about hockey. Becuase I knew it'd make Ryan smile.

Would I do it again? -- In a heart beat!
Would I do it for anyone else in the world? -- Unlikely to Hell no!

It's crazy looking back to that day. It seems like it was years, decades, ages ago. We were so young! We still are young. But now? 2 years later?

Our "Reading and Review" day is spent actually prepping for finals. I started our morning before heading off to class cooking Ryan a healthy breakfast. After coming home at the end of the day -- I watched the Home and Garden channel and wrote out Christmas cards. Ryan is hunkered at a coffee shop with his fellow classmates studying. (Story of his life for the whole week).

Would we re-live those moments? Do we miss it? Not at all! Some may look at our lives, and think: Wow. You're lives are boring. And yes, we do spend a great deal of our time and energy studying. Sometimes we spend our Saturday nights cooking an adventurous dinner and playing Scrabble!

We have gone from ......

To this!:

And if you ask me -- it looks like we're still pretty kickin, hip, and fun!


Mama Nastase said... sweet! I agree, you are still pretty hip & fun! I think most people would like at your life and envy you. You both have found your soul-mate and are working your life plan. Mixed in with some awesome meals and fun with your inlaws (heh!) and what's not to love?!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think your life is just wonderful - and all of your hard work is going to pay off for the two of you.

I always utilized the December reading & review day (soph year and beyond, not Freshman!), but I rarely studied on reading & review day in the spring since I was usually just so burnt out at that point!!

My problem is that I have zero desire to go out to the bars, etc. A night at home cooking and playing a board game is ideal for me. But it's kind of hard to meet someone sitting alone in your condo. Maybe Santa will bring me Prince Charming this Christmas!

Marlys said...

You two are totally hip & fun and your lifestyle is just perfect for where you are in life! You will have no regrets! Love you both!