Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Hobby

After spending a few weeks at the cabin with family, we got a look of good cooking and amazing food in; as I mentioned in my Christmas Recap post!

One of the days with my brother, Kevin and his wife Julie; the day was spent smoking ribs. As many of you know, my brothers are incredible cooks and specialize in the area of smoking/BBQ. Therefore, Kevin was kind enough to show Ryan "the ropes" of BBQ!

So we delved into a new cooking adventure this week....twice! This week Ryan went out and purchased a Weber charcoal grill, wood chips, a rib rack, and the whole works. He also recieved a Beer Can Chicken cooker for Christmas -- which is actually one made specially by one of my brother Chad's friends.

So Saturday, after Ryan returned home from guard; we started with our first barbeque experience: Beer Can Chicken!

About an hour worth of prep went into it; just measuring out, and grinding up our herbs & spices! After completing the rubs. The BBQ began! Below is a picture of the chicken ready to go on the grill for a few hours!

Unfortunately, we were so excited to cut into this bird by the time it came off the grill; that we forgot to take pictures! But the flavor was incredible. I will be bold to say this is the best way to do chicken!

Since this was a success, and we knew this is a weekend that we still have lives (Ryan starts classes up this weekend--so "life" will be coming to a mild halt again). We decided to go ahead and do ribs! This time, I spent the afternoon while Ryan was a work preparing the rubs and marinade.

In fact, I was so engrained in doing the marinade, some if it ended up in my hair (I'm not sure how). And I definitely made a trip to the grocery store, not knowing I had rib marinade in my hair. Lovely.

In addition to the ribs, I made a healthy version of baked beans. No bacon in these beans! Just pinto, red, kidney, & garbanzo beans; with some tomato juices, brown sugar, onions, peppers, and habenero. Tasted delicious. And, of course, we had a side of spinach salad. Leafy greens are mandatory with every meal!

After about 6 hours of different varieties of cooking, smoking, baking, grilling -- the ribs were done and our mouths were definitely watering. They tasted incredible!! And, I remembered to snap a photo of the finished product this time!

This has definitely become a new hobby. Ryan is skilled the grilling/cooking department of the meat. And I take care of the rub-mixing and the side dishes :) We are now ready to cook for others -- so family is more than welcome to escape your winter temps to visit and we promise delicious food!!!


B and B said...

Be careful about open invitations like that, Abby! You have a big family up north who are very tired of winter right about now! You could have a houseful in no time! Your food looks wonderful!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! Sign me up! Looks delish!

Well, you know you'll see me there in May! And you'll see me in Phx in Feb! :)

Marlys said...

Meat looks so wonderful, and I agree with Barb! We are deathly sick of winter and would love a BBQ meal in warmer temps!