Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open to your suggestions!

So this week is going to be a whirlwind.

It is the completion of this 8 week course of Community/Home Health. Thank the Lord! Although I enventually see myself working in some realm of community health (school nursing, public clinics, etc....) to get the nice M-F, 8-5 stretch of a job.....

The educational content of this community health stuff makes me sleep with my eyes open. I could care less about disaster prevention. Why does Arizona have to have a "Disaster Mitigation Plan" in case of a hurricane?!

So I could go on -- but I won't. I am really excited to move on to Mental Health--I love Psych!!!!

But after I complete this giant 30-plus-page Community Assessment paper, an ATI (NCLEX-mock) test, and my final exam I will:
-celebrate at a happy hour for my husband's job for him to do networking
-See my sister-in-law Friday who will be in town for the weekend!
-Spend my BIRTHDAY (Saturday, the 27) with my sister Lisa, who will be in the area!!

But after THAT -- I have a week off.

This stresses me out unbelievably.

Just thinking about it, gives me an aching feeling in my stomach.

What. Will. I. Do.

This is where I realize maybe I belong in the psych ward? Who gets stressed about a week off?

So I have made a tentative list:
-Clean every inch of the house to perfection
-Organize closets (even though I just did that last week.....hmmm)
-Get my tomato plants growing(We have basil as of this week! Woo hoo!)
-Have a week full of work outs that are not "time crammed" - (Yay! I love not having to sprint from machine-to-machine)
-Cook something new, exotic, and challenging
-Attend Eucharistic Adoration
-Use the piano at my church, and play for the first time in a LONG TIME
-Clean out the refridgerator
-Study for NCLEX (State Boards Nursing Exam)
-Finish painting wall in kitchen (will take about 30 minutes, just need a ladder!)

But this is clearly not enough to cover a full week off. And I am getting very stressed out that I will let the week pass me by, or I will become *gasp* "bored"!!

So I am reaching out for suggestions:
-Books to read? (I want to try to read during this little break)
-Cleaning projects?
-Hobbies? I have few "hobbies" beyond nursing school and running.


Mama Nastase said...

Wow...if you are really stretched for things to do, you can come help your beloved (disorganized) mother-in-law get ready for a yard sale! :)

Otherwise, your list sounds pretty impressive. Can't wait to sample some of your homegrown tomatoes this spring!

Marlys said...

Suggestion - write a "real" letter to someone who needs an uplift, like maybe Betty? That would make her so happy! Not a big thing but a good one!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am envious of your week off. Seriously envious! I think it will pass by much quicker than you think it will. My 2 weeks off in between jobs flew by. I set up a lot of lunches w/ people I hadn't had a chance to see lately - so maybe you could do a lunch w/ some nursing school friends? (unless you are sick of them and need time apart...)

The cleaning thing sounds good! I got a lot of cleaning done during my time off!

And there is always reading, of course! or you could make some meals that you could freeze. Then you would just have to bake them on busy nights when you don't have time to cook?

qwerkyqook said...

Goodness woman, your list would take me a year to do! How about... Buy a blank recipe book and start recording your culinary creations, past and present. I'm sure little Nastase babies would love to inherit that collection one day! Also, relax and paint your toenails:)