Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story Time

It's been rainy, cloudy, sleety in my neck of the woods. Snowing to the ends of the earth on the East coast. And I'm sure it's cold and miserable up in the Midwest.

So I figured I'd take a much-needed study break & enlighten y'all with a cheerful story.

This actually happened a few weeks ago....but I was reminiscing on it today. - And decided it might be blog-worthy. Unfortunately, typing it out doesn't give the safe effect as being told in person.

But here we go.

Remember how I once said I am terrible at talking on the phone? Here is a little flash to really represent this truth!

Background Info
: Ryan used to have a "work phone", but now that he has switched departments/buildings/programs -- I don't have his new number. I never once called his work phone, so am not really sure why it was in my phonebook.

But anyways--back to the story.

We live in a decently populated city of the Southwest. Where it isn't reallly common to just *run* into someone you know. Ryan attends a considerably large University. In fact, as of 2007, the U of A had 36,733 students enrolled.

However, the other day, I was driving down the university area during the day on my way to class -- and saw him crossing the street on his way to class.

Being my husband's #1 Fan -- I rolled down my window and embarrased him shamelessly.

"Ryan Nastaseeeeeeeeee!!! Ryan!!! Ryan Nastasee!!! Hi!!!!"

He just kind of stopped in his tracks in a state of confusion, and finally turned to see it was his wife -- and smiled & waved.(Meanwhile, many people were staring at me, him, and wondering what the hell is going on)

Being so, uncontrollably excited to see him I immediately grab my phone (which is kind of new, and I'm still not the best at operating) -- go IMMEDIATELY to his name in my phone book, hit send twice and call "Ryan".

And this is how the conversation went down with the man I called....:

Abby: Oh my God!!! I can't believe I just saw you -- the most handsome goodlooking man in Tucson just walking down the street!?!?! How ARE you? Did you hear me screaming at you? Did I embarass you?

Man: Uhm...I think-...

Abby: (interrupting) I mean WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!! I NEVER run into you! I'm sorry if I embarrased you. I was just so EXCITED to SEE you!!!!

Man: Who is this?

Abby: Oh!! You're playing that game, huh! (baby voice) Did I make Wyan feel embawwassed? So he's pwetending he doesn't know me?

Man: Um. Seriously, ma'am, I have no idea who this is.

Abby: Oh! You're FUNNY! Actually, you're not funny. You're damn funny. So cute. It's your fricking wife! (**we like to joke, we're really not verbally abusive with each other**)

Man: I don't have a wife.....

Abby: OH REALLY?! You just keep getting cuter. Who ARE YOU.

Man: This is Bill.

Abby: Ohhhh okay, Bill. Can I call you Billy-Bob?

(beep occurs on the phone indicating I am getting a call...look at caller ID and see it is my husband calling)

Wait. This isn't Ryan.

Man: No, this isn't Ryan. Ma'am. I am really sorry?

Abby: OH MY GOD!!! Ooooops!


Yep! I called Ryan's old work phone. Not Ryan. Meanwhile, this new, bombarded, (probably) interning electrical engineer is scared, confused, and totally freaked out.

But don't worry. I went to class for 3 hours, and forgot about this occurence.

On the way home that night, I called Ryan (as usual) to inform him I'm on my way!

But instead of actually calllling him, I just hit "redial".

Abby: I'm on my way hoooome! Oh my God! So GET THIS -- I called the wrong number early and harrassed this poor little guy name Billy!!!! I felt so bad.

Man: Uhm. I still don't know who this is, but you still have the wrong number.

Yes. I called this poor guy two times during the same day. How mortifying. This truly exemplifies just how poor my phone skills are. I didn't let the person on the other line get a word in. And look at the end result.

After explaining it to Ryan, all he could do was laugh. And turn red in embarrassment...for me. And just simply said "Yes, you really need to work on your phone skills, babe."

So moral of the story....

No matter HOW COMFORTABLE you are with a person -- always always always make sure you've called the correct person with a normal, traditional entrance on the phone like "Hey" or "Hi, how are you doing today?"



Kelly said...

Haha, oops! I've had mistakes like that where I call someone's old number etc. At least it makes for a funny story!

Thanks for the news about Arizona, I am SO ready for some warm weather!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my God that is too funny. Wow. I love that you called him TWICE!

Mama Nastase said...

Bwahahahahahaha! Too funny! I think Ryan should walk by his old desk and surreptitiously take this guy's photo so we can get a visual of poor "little Billy"! ha ha (Poor you, how mortifying!)

Love this story! Thanks for a great laugh first thing this morning.

Marlys said...

That is just too funny! I laughed outloud and I'm all alone in my office! Maybe one day you'll meet him! Did you delete the number from your phone?

B and B said...