Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a Day! & Ten On Tuesday

Happpppy Tuesday! However, I am celebrating that it is 10:00 pm Tuesday evening. It was a crazy day. I guess I can't completely say it was a bad day. Just one of these days where God is testing me, my patience, my character, MY SANITY.

It started early this morning, or late last night. However you want to look at it. I have recently decided to become an insomniac. I don't remember the last time I slept through a night. So last night, I was up every hour. Doing nothing of importance. Just thinking about school, life, what-not. I just kept waking up.

Alarm was off at 5:15, and I prepared for my first day of clinicals. My day was spent at a business expo, and I was doing community outreach to educate people about access to healthcare/clinics.

This was 8 hours of networking. Which is fun and exciting, but takes so much energy!!!! The end of theday was rewarding. I won't go into details, but an exciting opportunity was presented to me for my future career.

I finally had to leave my clinical, but I had to race into town to make it to my test. In the car ride over...I was flying high. Until I recieved a call from my school's financial office telling me, "If you don't pay us $5000 you will be droped from all your classes. Your hospital is not longer sponsoring you I don't think...."

Well, after 5 minutes of crying, sobbing, wailing -- I got my composure and fixed the problem. Turns out it was an "accounting glitch". This has happened like three times this year!!

After racing into the room for my test that I was almost late for, I found that my teacher was 30 minutes late. Then, the test was twice as long as I expected.

Then I got stuck behind a giant accident. So it took me 30 minutes longer to get home.

But now I am home, safe, and happy! I even managed to write a paper after this wolf of a day.

So here is my 10 on Tuesday! (You may not want to read on after my previous ramble...but if you do -- knock yourself out!)

1. What is your favorite travel destination spot?
-Currently, I am going to have to say Mexico or Florida. I love the beach, so that's the primary reason. I love Mexico (Puerto Penasco,specifically) because it is about 4 hours from my house. I also love Florida because I have a lot of family that lives there! Every I have ever traveled there, it has been a great time! Can't wait to take Ryan there!

2. Cats vs. Dogs
-If you know me at all...you know my answer -- neither. I really don't like animals.
-However, I don't have a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for one cat, and only one cat/animal in this world. That is Allegro, my cat I had growing up. He still serves as the almighty mouse-defender at my parents house!

3. Do you believe in fate?
-No. I think God has a plan for us. Somethings things get shaken up, because we make the wrong decisions. But those wrong decisions can still have the ability to bring good things.
-If I look back at the past 3 years of my life...I can find many examples of God's plan working together in fact!

4. Do you believe in karma?
-Kind of, not really. I guess I don't ever use the phrase "Ooo, it's that karma". But, I think that people get what they deserve in the long run--be it good or bad. Which is kind of karma, I guess?

5. Do you have a unique laugh? Do you like yours?
-Unique is a nice way of putting it. My laugh is more...obnoxious. Sometimes I am even known to snort.
-I don't mind my laugh. Personally, I think no matter HOW annoying or strange one's laugh is--to never feel shame about it. You should cherish the ability to laugh. To laugh and be light/free/happy is a gift and blessing.

6. Is love really all you need?
Aw...how nice. The great Beatle's song "Love is all you need". But really, it's not ALL you need. I refer to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Physiological neccessities such as food, water, air come first. And we just move up the pyramaid to being loved and finally self-actualization.
-But to have character, and be happy and human; yes, you need love!

7. What's your take on the whole 2012 scare?
-Well this is fitting. With my community health rotation, we had "Mr. Disaster" speak to our class. Well, he has a very professional term for his name/position. But he talked about planning for disasters. I took nothing from the lecture. Here is my plan:

-I will first contact those I love, and let them know I love them and wish them luck in the future of what may come.
-I will then eat a meal that contains a good amount of complex carbohydrates to give me adequate energy.
-Then I will run through the streets, screaming and crying. Knocking on my neighbor's doors informing them "We are all going to die. Hell is breaking loose"
-Then, I guess God's plan will take effect and we shall see waht will happen.

If you can't tell from my thick sarcasm. I think this whole "2012 Scare" is a huge pile of bullshit in my opinion. If the world ends, it ends. I think it's all a big hype created by the media.

8. If you won a million dollars and had to give it all away, who would you give it to? (Family & Friends not included)
-A combionation of Make of Wish foundation, Cancer research, and education programs. I would also donate to Catholic Community Services. They do great outreach in the community to those in need, and being I'm catholic -- I would give to them.

9. Do you believe in God/church/the power of prayer?
-I believe in all three. I believe that prayer is extremely powerful. It creates such a relationship with God. It is about handing over the problems of the world/life you cannot handle; and trusting them in God. Faith is extremely important to me.

10. What New Year's Resolution do you always make and never keep?
-To be honest, I've been pretty good about my New Year's Resolution. I always write them down, and reflect on them often. Re-reading the goals over-and-over keeps me on top of myself. So I don't let them get away! I love resolutions.


Marlys said...

Wow, what a day that was! But your test score should have made up for it, right? Hope today is a better one and that you get your papers all done etc, etc, etc! And I hope your insomnia goes away!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oo, that was a day from hell. Yuck. Glad that everything worked ok w/ the fin aid. I am interested to hear what happened at that fair & how it relates to your future career!

That kind of gave you a taste of what I went through to get my job. Granted, I never did it for 8 hours, but I met people for coffee like 5-6 times and went to all these different networking events and ay yi yi it is exhausting to be 'on' for that long.

Here's hoping the rest of your week is a breeze! Just think - won't be long and you'll have a nice break!

Mama Nastase said...

Sounds like you have something exciting on the backburner as far as your future career goes...good news!! :)

Your description of what you'd do on the "last day" made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle!!

Hope the end of your week is the exact opposite of your hellish day and I hope the coming weekend brings you nothing but fun & relaxation!