Monday, March 1, 2010


It's a new month!! I'm pleased, because I always like new weeks, new days, new months, etc..... But -- February seems to be one of my favorite months. Especially now that we live in AZ. The weather is in the 50-60's, lots of rain, I get to wear sweaters, grapefruit is in season, Valentine's Days, my birthday, only 28 days; good things!

But, I am ready for a fresh, new month! Especially since it's beginning with a week of vacation! So here is my month recap -- which I have un-creatively stolen from my dear sister, Lisa.

Current Book(s):

Ahh! This is soooo exciting, my friends! It is NOT a text book right now. (In about 5 days my book will be some "Psychiatric Nursing Text"). But for NOW.....

"The Sunflower" - Richard Paul Evans. I am currently at a coffee shop reading this, and had to force myself to put it down -- or I fear the book will be finished by the end of the day! This is the same author that wrote "The Christmas Box".

I got this book as part of my birthday present from Lisa, and it is probably best read I can recall in a long time! I may even consider doing a book review post upon finishing it?!
Current Music:
Reminiscing music, is what I would call it. I have been going through old cd's of Ryan's and mine. But mostly Ryan's. I found al these cd books of his from his high school and early college years. It's kind of fun listening to music of his from a "Pre-Abby" time period.

Plus, I love the good music of the 90's -- Matchbox Twenty, early Third-Eye Blind, etc. He even listened to Chicago! Which I never knew about him! The guy just keeps getting better! :)

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Well, right now I am feeling quite shameful and guilty. I am not doing anything productive. I am sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book, blogging, and being an absolute waste to society.


Current Colors:
Yellow. It's springy. And my kitchen is currently decorated with lemons. I've taken these big, square, glass vases and filled them with lemons and limes. I'm not sure how long this will last, for I eat a lemon a day!
Current Obsessions:
My new heart rate monitor! It doesn't require a chest band to for readings. I got it from my husband for a birthday present -- which was amazing!

I used it this morning while I was spinning, and I had a great workout because I got to see where I was training! I always try to be 60-80% of my max heart-rate!

[Plus, I feel really "cool" and "techy" during my work-out periodically using the finger-pad on my watch to test my heart rate, and hearing it go *beep beep beep*. Wow, I'm a nerd]

Current Drink:
Crystal Light Immunity and Energy packets, with fresh squeezed lemon in it to give a nice ZIP (and some vitamin C). The Immunity is Pomegranate flavored, and Energy is Strawberry. Mmmm

Also, Riesling. Which is interesting. I always have hated white wine -- but am started to grow appreciation for it!
Current Song:
Hmmm...Probably "Real World" by Matchbox 20. Weird; but, as stated eariler, I'm on a kick with them lately! It brings back strong childhood memories.

Current Movie:
Hmmm....the most current movie I have seen is "The Informant" with Matt Damon. It was very interesting. I wish I had paid better attention. But of course, I was rummaging around the house, doing dishes, cleaning random things, and what-not. So at the end of the movie at the part where people start discussing it, I was thinking to myself "I have no idea what it was about!"

But, apparently it's interesting! So I think I'd recommend it?
Couple's Retreat was cute too!! :)

Current TV Shows:
Ahhh! The Bachelor!!! Finally is tonight. I am the most pathetic girl alive. I get sucked in. *cue in the critcism from the rest of the world* -- I know: it's shallow, fake, staged, and a huge waste of time. The girls are fake, cheap, and don't understand marraige. I still find it entertaining!
I've also enjoyed watching the Olympics. To be honest, this is the first time I've actually watched the winter ones!

Current Wish-List:
My child to come back to life. My child, being my basil plant. Ingrid, I have named her. I always say that if I had a daughter, I'd name her Ingrid. If I could have any name in the world, it'd be Ingrid. But I know that would never fly with my husband. So, my basil plant has taken that name.

And she is dead as a door-nail. I gave her too much water. Tap water. I have failed horrifically.
Current Needs:
Spring/Summer clothing. Okay, those are probably wants. But, my spring and summer clothing is quite out-dated. So I would like new ones!

Current Triumph:
I finished off my semester with A's! I smoked my final exams. So that makes me pleased.
I am also triumphant that I made a brand new chili recipe last night; using some interesting ingredients that I have never incorporated in chili before (sirloin beef roast, grilled/roasted anaheim peppers, serrano peppers, habeneros, unsweetend cocoa). I am going to be bold to say it was the best chili we have had!

Current Bane of my Existence:
Trying to be nice. So's going okay. It's part of my lenten-resolution.

Sounds easy for most, not for me. It's not family, friends, patient's that this is a challenge. It's strangers. I will be doing a post mid-Lent to talk about this -- so I won't go into details.

Current Goal:
-Get an A in Psychiatric Nursing.
-Get my 6 mile time down to 48 minutes (8 min/mile)...I've currently at 8:07 for my fastest. Sounds easy -- but I'm having a tough time!
-Get an herb to grow and not die!!!!!! :( Poor Ingrid.
Current Indulgence:
This vacataion from school. It's full of fresh coffee (made with my new coffee bean-grinder thanks to my mom and dad!), cleaning house, cooking fun meals, excellent work outs, and reading! I could get used to this!

Current Blessings:
All the wonderful get-togethers, cards, phone-calls, birthday gifts, and love I received on my birthday weekend!

Current Slang or Saying:
"BSN, MSN, PhD.": Bull Shit Nursing degree, Made of Silly Nonsense, Piled high and deep. Heard that one last week in the midst of a very large paper that was the largest waste of time ever. So very accurate! BSN, MSN, PhD is a goal in my career life I would like to work towards. But sometimes I wonder if it's worth it........... ;)
Current (Fav) Outfit:
Jeans and sweaters, especially cardigans. I am desperately holding onto the last days of sweaters -- for I know soon the weather will be in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond. I will miss sweaters. I like to be able to hide in warmth.

But soon, I will have to pull out the shorts, the capris, sundresses, tank-tops.......
I will make myself mentally ready for it when the day comes.

Current Excitement:
May 15! My husband graduates. I'm more excited for him to graduate than I am for me to graduate. He is quite stressed out the point where he is experience the physical effects of stress. Working 30+ hours weekly at Raytheon, doing his final semester of electrical engineering, tons of design projects, etc -- I can't wait for him to just have work!!!!!

And it kills me that there is nothing I can do to make it "relieved". My home-cooked meals, breakfasts, packed lunches, back rubs, coffee's mugs mixed with love, joining him on stress-relieving work outs, and clean houses -- does not make stress disappear.
Current Mood:
Calm and content! I am enjoying my break from nursing school!!!!!!


Mama Nastase said...

Another interesting read!

I'm glad you're enjoying the first day of spring break, you deserve a nice break. I'm happy that we got to be a part of your birthday weekend...and I look forward to your "gift"!

Love you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you are liking the book! YOu should check out his other books, they are all page turners!!

It's funny that we both took trips down memory lane w/ music this month!!

Marlys said...

I loved your blog, Abby! Sounds like you are having a devine vacation - just what the doctor ordered! I feel sorry for Ryan but the end is in sight! We are excited about coming to celebrate with you!