Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good things

I must say there are many good things I have to be happy about right now!

  1. I am in my psychiatric-mental health nursing rotation right now. I originally chose nursing as my major beause from the time I was like 12 I wanted to be a psych nurse. I love it so far. The clinicals are incredible. I am finding I am more organized and ahead of things in this class than I ever have been! Now, if I could be this motived with Critical Care and my Capstone this summer......:)
  2. Ryan and I got an entire day together yesterday!!!! This is rare. My spring break kind of sucked. He would leave at about 6 a.m., and not return until 8 p.m. The poor guy is spread too thin! So I cherish a day like yesterday! Which consisted of.............
  3. Spring Training baseball!!!!!! Diamondbacks vs. Oakland Atheletics. It was nearly a close-out. 10-1. We met his bosses wife at the game and she insisted we ditch our seats & sit in the seats in front of them that they had purchased . So we were FRONT ROW BEHIND HOME PLATE! Incedible!!! I could hear the players talking to each other! I'm used to nose-bleeder-seats.
  4. It was in the upper 70's and sunny at the game yesterday. I got a great deal of sun. And we enjoyed the game with an fresh-grilled brat, sauerkrat, and an ice-cold beer. (I know....we had a mind-slip about he whole "No-meat-Friday rule")
  5. Last night I officially registered myself for the Arizona Distance Classic Half-Marathon. It's in............................2 WEEKS! Some of you may think "Wow, what are you thinking?" But I've been doing this "base-training" thing lately, where I basically have my body trained for a long race if one comes up. So, I talked myself into it! I miss races :(, so I'm looking forward to this!
  6. I am coking Ryan a hearty Irish Beef Stew today while he's at guard. I have to buy Guiness for it. (Ewwwwww!! Chewy. Smells like sesame oil! Ryan likes it though, so he'll be happy) (possible recipe post to come soon)
  7. On THURSDAY, we leave for Puerto Penasco, Mexico for 4 days!!!!!! It's the destination where we got engaged. I cannot explain how excited I am for 4 days of beaches, seafood, lounging in the sun, and just the funness of Mexico!!!
I am wishing everyone a great weekend! If we could, we'd send some of the warmth and sunshine of AZ to our family up north! I hear it's cold, wet, and cold. The hellish month of March is half-way through!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The weather has actually been decent here. Very rainy & overcast but I will take that over sub-freezing temps and snow! Almost all of our snow is gone and while that means things look pretty mucky, I am ok with it since it means summer is on its way. :)

You have lots of fun things to be excited for. I'm curious about that stew you are making for Ryan. I bet you will like it. The guiness should cook down enough to the extent that you probably won't even taste it. That is usually how it works when recipes call for beer!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Marlys said...

And since you wrote this, your weekend get-a-way has been changed to San Deigo, but I know you will have just as much fun - just being together is what is important and you'll get sun & surf to boot! Great weekend so far, right?

Mama Nastase said...

You have soo many things to be happy about! It makes me smile to read about your many blessings. Love you guys!

Mandy said...

Hi, I came over from Lisa's blog. Thanks for sharing all the things that make you happy, as lisa said on her blog, its very inspiring!