Monday, March 22, 2010

San Diego

Sometimes we just need a weekend getaway. I can't think of the last full day that Ryan & I truly had "together". It's been crazy. When we do seem to have a day together, a large chunk of it is spent studying.

But we took an escape this weekend.....

It was supposed to be in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. But some information we received caused to re-group and find a new destination: San Diego! (Details on the planning of our trip to come later....)

If I could....I would pack up my life and move to San Diego tomorrow.

It is the most pleasant city on earth, that I have experienced. So here I will break down our trip......

  • We hit the road at 6:30 am and were in San Diego by noon!
  • It was the most beautiful drive. Amazing how each our of the trip had a slight change in scenery!
  • Our first stop was the Ferry Landing of Coronado Island (the island we stayed on)
  • We walked the pier, admired the boats of the marina, and stopped for lunch at a great restaurant called Candela's. Ryan got the Duck Tacos and I got a Chicken-Avacado-Mango Salad.
  • We hit up some of the shops in area, and then headed to our hotel to check in.
  • We stayed on the North Island Naval Base, which is the same naval base that my Dad had basic training at way back when!! So it was kind of a neat destination! The hotel was wonderful and we had our own private beach.
  • We unpacked, played on the beach, and then headed back into Coronado for the evening. We hit up "Coronado Brewing Company" for dinner and some good brewery beer.
  • The day was ended with a nice, evening walk on the beach!
San Diego Bay


  • We woke early with excitement for the big day to come, so headed out to the beach to explore!

  • It was a calm, sunny morning with slight fog hanging in the air from the heavenly ocean-air. We saw tons of birds, seagulls, and sand-dollars. What started as a calm relaxing walk turned into a run - which then turned into a game to see who could win in pushing each-other in the ocean. (

    • FYI - this is not "surfing/swimming" season. The water is quite cold. People looked at us as though we are crazy for getting in!

The sand was very interesting on this beach. It almost created paintings. You cannot see by this picture, but it was all gold-speckled! So pretty!

I have never found such perfect sand dollars. They are everyone on this beach!

  • We then headed in and got ready for the day at Sea World. Being military -- we got in free! It's normally $69.00/person! 
  • We had a blast at Sea World. Something about marine animals is incredible. We kind of "powershopped through our day and hit the hot spots we wanted to see.

This was the Sea Lion show. It was hilarious!

Killer Whale

Of course, flamingos. I always say "Flamingos are the only animal I like." They're so beautiful, and pink!

  • To end our day at Sea World, we took the "Sky Ride" across the Bay. Definitely worth it. It was kind of like a ski lift--except over water! Very beautiful!

Coronado Bridge

  • We headed back to our hotel around 2:00 to freshen up and get ready for a night on the town!

  • Ryan & I rarely go out. And I have never experienced "night life". (I am a hermit) So what better a place to begin this, other than the Gas Lamp District of downtown San Diego?

  • We didn't bring the camera out, just to be safe (didn't want it getting stolen or lost)

  • We hit up some of the best seafood restaurants and bars of the area. Some of the food we enjoyed was oyester shooters, sushi, and Tuna tartare. I could live off this type of food! My new favorite appetizer is oyester shooters!

  • We ended our night at the Altitude Sky Lounge. It's a bar/lounge located at the 42nd floor of one of the buildings downtown. We were tired and ready to head home (It was 11....this is late for us!) But we had to check it out and get a night view of the city. Well worth our time!

  • Finding a taxi back to the Naval base was........interesting and a story in itself....

  • Needless to say, we made it back safely!

  • We always like to make our last day of every vacation one of relaxation. Because there's nothing worse than coming home for a vacation in need of a vacation :)

  • So we started our morning with a drive to the Ferry station of Coronado island, and took a long walk along the Pier.

  • It was a very surreal environment. None of the shops were open except for one coffee shop. The only movement around was a few fishermen, joggers, kayakers, and some of the coast guard/navy boats in the bay. It was so peaceful!

  • We then headed back to the hotel, packed the cooler with water and beer and headed out to the beach! We went straight for the water, and swam until we were bone-chilled with goosebumps.

    • AZ may have turned me into a "wimp". But the "wimp" goes away when I see water! :)

  • After a full day of frisbee, sand-castle building, swimming, and walks on the beach - we were ready for a night of good food and wine!

  • We headed into Coronado to a wine bar for evening Wine-Tasting. We tried 6 different wines and 1 desert wine. The experience was accompanied with live Jazz music. The bar was called WineStyles.

    • We both agreed our favorite wine was the Pinot Noir.

    • They have a realy neat deal where if you purchase a bottle - you can take it to one of their partnering restaurants, and they will cork it for you and serve it for free with your dinner!

  • We had dinner at the great restaurant called Chance Bistro. I had the "Catch of the Day" Mahi-mahi with Butternut Squash Risotto & Asparagus, and Ryan had the Wild Honey Grilled Salmon with risotto. Excellent food, romantic night, great wine!

  • We took our last walk along the beach, and then headed to the hotel for bed -- with a feeling of sadness for the end of our weekend-getaway to paradise!
It was an excellent trip! Definitely worth it and we came home feeling refreshed and motivated to hit the grindstone. We have realized we won't have a "life" until May 14. So we're glad we took advantage!


Marlys said...

Beautiful recap of a beautiful weekend! You're right about swimming in cold waters - you were always the first one in the lake in the spring and the last one out in the fall, as you may remember! You would swim until your lips turned blue - no kidding! Sounds like you had some wonderful food, too!

Jess said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! I've always wanted to San Diego, so I'm totally jealous! Sounds like you totally deserved the time away, so hopefully it will get you through the next little bit of craziness.

Btw, I found your blog through your sister's! I've been reading for a while, I figured I may as well become an official follower!

Mama Nastase said...

I agree with your mom, a beautiful recap of a beautiful weekend! I love San Diego, too, it's such a beautiful place and the seafood is unreal!

May 14 will come faster than you think!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What an awesome trip. Glad you guys had a good getaway. It's tough when none of your breaks match up. Bet you can't wait for school to be behind you!!

qwerkyqook said...

looks way fun! I'm glad you didn't get eaten at seaworld! I saw flamingos today in a lagoon, and practically sprinted over to take pictures, so pretty.

B and B said...

Way cool, Abby! What a fun weekend. Hang in there for the next month or two. You are a fortunate young lady!

Cherry Blossoms said...

What a great weekend for you guys! I will be going in June with my family and we are also staying on Coronado Island.My family has never been there so I am excited for them. Hope the last few months of school go well for you guys! Trust me it will be over soon! :)