Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is getting weird.....

As many of you know, I am in my psychiatric-mental health rotaiton right now. And I L-O-V-E it!!! However, I do find it to be a little emotionally draining at times. While at the same time, I feel quite fortunate for my situation because.....

I could take the worst, god-awful, horrible, miserable day of my life -- and there are patients in this unit that would DREAM to live that day (in comparison to the one their living). I'm not homeless. I have a great family. Stability exists in my life. I don't hear voices when I wake up in the morning, there are no trees in my house telling me to boil dog-feces on the stove (yes, I spoke with a patient who heard these voices), I dont have a substance-abuse addiction -- and overall I feel pretty darn good about life.

However....I have to share two creepy experiences that have happened in just 3 weeks of this rotation.

My first day on the unit; we were informed there is a woman in a "severe state of mania". We were told to watch out for her, she's very unstable. They also said "You'll know who she is when you see her!"

While standing with my 9 other classmates in the hallway, she picked ME out and stated, "Abigail, Abigail, Abigail...You are a spitting image of me when I was 14! Watch out, or you'll be here soon too!" (we wear nametags...)

All I could think was...."Why me? What is it about me that made her think this?"

However, I laughed it off. It was just random that she picked me out......

Two weeks later, we have a new "Acute/Manic/Severe/Psychotic" lady on the unit. We are warned prior to any interactions.

I was sitting on the couch conversing with her about life. This week I did NOT wear a name tag, folks. I asked, "What is your name?" She replied, "My name is Abby!!!" (in a very excited, manic, hyper voice). I said, "That makes two of us! My name is Abby too."

Later on, I was asking a question to my instructor about "Abby". She looked at my like I'm CRAZY (haha), and said "Um. There is no Abby on the unit. You're the only Abby around here, honey."

Yep. She just felt like an Abby today, I guess.

So I just have to come out and ask it:

Mom, Dad -- Is there something about the name Abby? Why am I running into so many psychotic people that associated and feel so "Abby-ish". This must be where the whole "Abby-Normal" thing came about? I don't know.

Just had to share it. Thought it was interesting! Maybe you can get a laugh out of it, I sure did!!

It's a good thing I found something to laugh about today!! For in addition to clinicals, many assignments, and other stressors in life right now -- the right side of my face decided to swell up today (mid-clinical). Good ole' allergies. I looked like the Michelin-Tire-Man. Real cute! I got put on some good meds, so things should pan out!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ok, that is kind of funny. :) Def made me smile.

Mama Nastase said...

You poor thing! I hate allergies even though they come because of beautiful things blooming outdoors.
I'm so glad you're able to look at the positives, although it sounds like you did have a crappy day.

Regarding the "Abby's"...WEIRD! You tell the story in such a way that it IS funny. You're a great entertainer!

Marlys said...

I truthfully don't know of any psychotic connections to that name or we would never have chosen it! But that is definitely a coincidence! Glad to hear you eye is responding to the drops! You always did struggle with those darn allergies! I think all 5 of you have in some form or other.

Jess said...

Ha! That is kind of spooky...that's crazy that she just happened to pick a name out of her head that's the same as your's. I think I believe in that sort of stuff to a certain degree, but I think I believe more that there are just crazy coincidences....Be interesting to hear if anything else like this happens!