Friday, April 30, 2010

The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

This weekend my favorite time of the year has arrived! It's not May Day, either. No, it's not Cinco de Mayo. It's not the Tucson Folk Festival, either! .............

*Cue the trumpets.....*

The Kentucky Derby kicks off tonight - official races are tomorrow!!!!

Some of you may not be aware of my obsession with the Kentucky Derby. If you ask my husband, Ryan -- you would hear roars of laughter from him. For he thinks this is just hilarious and odd.

Why? Because I'm so not a sports fan. And beyond that - I really, really don't like animals. So why would I enjoy a "sporting event" involving animals?

Beats me!?

But I have made Ryan promise me that if we're every disgustingly rich, and just can't think of what to do with "allll" of our money (this won't ever happen...but I can dream!) -- we must take a trip to Louisville, attend the Derby.

Now, we could settle for the infield and just enjoy the atmosphere. But I would prefer to be escorted to "Millionaires Row" where the real action occurs.

I have spent time selecting my outfit and hat. The hat being the most important, of course.

Tomorrow, I plan on shaking up my first Mint Juleps. And I will be listening for "Lookin' At Lucky" to win. Why I chose this horse? ..... It's a little of my "residential pride". He was trained in Tucson, and his jockey also used to train in Tucson (Garret Gomez). "Lookin' AT Lucky" is chose to win, and his Gomez came in 2nd in the 2009 race with the hourse "Pioneerofthe Nile"!

So tomorrow, I will be donning my big floppy hat and cheering on Lookin at Lucky during the Run for the Roses 2010!!
Too bad it's not like this big flowery red one.........*sigh* ;)


Marlys said...
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Marlys said...

OMG - you never cease to amaze me! I had a hoot reading your blog! Is it the horse race or the hats which fascinates you the most? You rock, kiddo! I hope you get a chance to attend some day!

B and B said...

I'm guessing it's the hats...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha!!! I never knew this about you! That is hilarious. go check my friend Jen's blog post ( She has a whole post about KY Derby hats!!

I think you would really enjoy going to Canterbury for the horse races. Even though it's not all about the fashion and hats, it's a really fun thing to do on Friday nights in the summer. I used to go all the time w/ Ryan. My goal was to make my $10 last the whole night. It's really, really fun. I thought i would hate it, but I really love it! I haven't been back since the summer Ryan and I were dating, so that would be summer of 2007. So I am way overdue! Oh, and it's only like 5 minutes from my house!