Saturday, April 24, 2010

Revisiting Childhood....

Sometimes we have very stressful and mentally/emotinally-taxing moments in our lives. And sometimes those "moments" can last for weeks. I think we have all been there. A time in life where we feel like we're being pulled in 1000 different directions at once.

Working out, getting good rest, coffee, good venting sessions, an occasional glass of wine - they can all get you through it. But there comes a time, where I think the best escape (aside from a get-away from St. Thomas.....or Hawaii.....) - is a visit to being a kid again!

So yesterday, Ryan and I had a late-afternoon date. a candy store.

Our original intentions were to purchase some supplies for our Graduation party (cups, plates, plastic silverwear, etc....) Which we did accomplish. But we also found a candy store on our way.

I let go of "health-nut Abby" for an hour, And I was brought down memory lane....

We each decided to pick out 5 different things, purchased our goodies, and headed for a long evening walk - and we got to have a "Non-school, Non-work" talk for the 1st time in DAYS.

On our list of goodies we had:
-Candy Cigarettes
-Now & Later
-Laffy Taffy (and my rule is that we HAD to read the jokes, and we HAD to laugh...) I'm cheesy.
-The long tootsie rolls.
-and best of all........
-Pop Rocks

Now, just to clarify - we didn't eat all these in one sitting! We shared to get little tastes and were sick halfway through, since candy/sweets are not a commodity in our diets!

My strongest memories involved with these candies include:
1) Candy Cigarettes. Us kids would get these at the lakes at the candy store. One of our neighbors would always light them so they tasted like roasted marshmellows. Now they call them "Candy Stix" - since apparently "candy cigarettes" will indicate future smoking in all children. (I'm not a smoker...but Hey! Some are easily influenced)

2) Pop Rocks. In elementary school, 6th grade to be exact.......I had a Religion Teacher that really wasn't the most pleasant. The funny thing is, I'm related to this teacher. But, we used to do everything to piss this teacher off as bratty little 6th graders. I remember putting Pop Rocks on my tongue, and little them crackle until she'd turn around - they I'd quickly shut my mouth.

It was so entertaining watching her wonder "Where is that sound coming from??? Is it the heater? The fan? The lights?"

What a fantastic walk down memory lane :) It definitely brought up good much-needed laughter and de-stressing!

So, what was your favorite candy from childhood??


Marlys said...

That is so funny! I remember you kids all loving candy cigarettes, including your Dad! I remember him begging you to share with him, right? If you blew into them a puff of powdered sugar would emit out the other end looking like smoke! I can see why they are banned but you kids did enjoy them! Naughty you about the pop rocks in religion class and I do remember who the teacher was! Tish tish, Abby!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

How I miss candy cigs. Yum. Those were I totally remember Bozo lighting them for us. Both of us didn't turn into smokers so I guess it's a-ok! :)

I love laffy taffy. one of my favorite kinds of candy. My fave flavor is the banana ones. And I love the dorky jokes.

Good for you for cutting loose and treating yourself to some fun candy!!

B and B said...

We would get candy cigarettes at the lake when we were kids, too. Never lit them, though. I am trying to figure out who the religion teacher was. I had trouble with my behavior in religion class also. Well, I should say, I didn't have trouble with my behavior, but the teacher did! Funny post. Enjoy your candy!!!

Jess said...

Haha! Sounds like a fun stress relief! Love the story about driving the Religion teacher crazy. We actually did the exact same thing to a French teacher in elementary school.

As a kid, I was a huge fan of those fizz candies. I don't even know if they make them anymore, but I wouldn't mind trying them again for old time's sake!