Thursday, May 20, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I am stealing this idea from my sister. Thought it looked kind of fun!!
I just finshed my first Critical Care Exam....which I was terrified of. And I am actually walking away feeling REALLY confident about it! It's weird. So yay! Celebration. Ryan is charcoal grilling beer can chicken for me tonight! I am making a sweet-potato salad and spinach salad! I love doing the easy stuff ;)
So here we go!
-Make lists. Lists are absolutely vital to my survival in everything. If you went through my purse, kitchen drawers, school-bag, anything - you will find many lists about everything!
-Eat breakfast - and within the first hours that I'm awake. Skipping that meal is not an option for me!
-Make breakfast, pour coffee how he likes it, and pack a lunch for Ryan EVERY day. Even on weekends when he gets up at 4:30 for guard. Doing those little things for him are really important to me.
I Sometimes....
-Vacuum the house or scrub my kitchen floor when I'm feeling stressed out. I feel like when I clean *things* I clean up my "life's problems".
-Stress about my future career. Life moves very fast - and I make decisions fast. I'm afraid I'm going to go into the wrong area of nursing, get my masters/advanced degree in it, and then end up feeling regret.
-Then realize that I'm blessed to have a good education, good foundation, and opportunities around! And amazing people in my life to support me.
-Like to eat pickled beats and pickled herring. It's one of my favorite treats. :)

I NEVER......
-Leave the house without water to drink.
-Will jump on the "Zumba" bandwagon. I don't know if it's big up north - but "Zumba" is apparently this "super neat" dance-aerobics class that everyone here area looooves. Just to reinforce my "never" - I will never do ANY dance aerobics class of any time. I don't shake it. I couldn't find my hips or rhythm if my life depended on it. End of story :)
-Make promises. The only promise I've made is that I will be faithful to the Lord, be faithful to my husband, and be faithful to my family. Other than that? - I can't "promise" much else in this world, unfortunately. You never know what circumstances will do! Sounds strange, but think about it!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for playing along!

I tried Zumba once and was not a fan. I actually like step aerobics but never go because the classes never work for my schedule. And now it's not a good idea w/ my knee issues. I try to limit the amount of stairs I descend as it puts pressure on my knee!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Oh my gosh Abby you should give Zumba a try. The very first time I went I hated it ( felt liked i needed to be drunk) but then went to a different instructors class and its so much fun! I guess her style is actually more cardio hip hop. Now trust me I don't have a dancing bone in this body of mine! BUt I love it and the fact that I burn over 600 calories a class is a mega bonus!

Marlys said...

I am most impressed with the fact that you pack a lunch everyday for Ryan! That is so sweet! I am sure Ryan appreciates it, too! I don't know about Zumba, but I took a step aerobics class once and loved it! It took me awhile to get into the rythym but felt great after each class!

Kelly said...

I love this- I might have to do it too. I have no rhythm either and my parents are making me take wedding dance lessons- worse than my lack of rhythm is my lack of ability to remember routines- ugh I am terrible at it.

About upper crust- it is a chain around here but its only in the Boston area. I think it's different than one near you- especially because its actually pretty upscale haha. You'll just have to come visit!