Saturday, May 29, 2010


"You never know what you're gonna get"

That's the attitude with me, and my "beauty/style" life.

In my lifetime (which has been considerably short...I'm 22!) I have had:

-Very very short hair, long hair, red hair, auburn hair, blonde hair, REALLY blonde hair, brown hair, brown hair with blonde high lights, brown hair with red & blonde highlights, permed hair, straight hair....

...You get the point....I'm pretty "bold" about hair. It's hair. It'll grow back. If it's too blonde, you can dye it darker...etc.

So we have had 3 consecutive days that have hit about 100. Yesterday was 101. I'm burning up!

It's been 6 months since I've had a haircut.

So...I went in today for a "trim".

And I went from this:

To This.....

The "kicker" is that my husband, Ryan...has absolutely no clue I did this. I told him this morning, "I think I'm going to go in to get my hair trimmed. It's getting rather unhealthy".

What I didn't tell him is that I'd be getting multiple inches chopped off!! Luckily, Ryan's idea of a "good haircut" for me -  is one that makes me happy. He doesn't care what I do with my hair - as long as it makes me smile, and doesn't involve 2 hours of blowdrying/straightening/curling/primping. So, I think he will approve!

I fee so much less hot!!!!!! This heat did it for me! And maybe it makes me look older? I'm sick of people telling me I look 14!!!!!! Especially when I have patients/patients family's in the ICU look at me and say, "YOUR taking care of me???!! YOUR going to be a nurse in a few months? You look like your 12!"


Jess said...

Very cute! It suits you!

I have the same attitude about hair - it's always going to grow back or you can dye it another colour, so you may as well take some risks with it!

B and B said...

Looks cute, Abby! What a concept...a haircut to make me look older. Hmmm, maybe not!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I have the same problem w/ people thinking I am younger - that happens when I wear my hair curly. People have asked me if I am 18 or in high school. Or on a plane, when they ask if i have graduated yet, and I tell yes, I got my masters last year they say - oh my, I meant undergrad, my you look young. :)

Now that I am approaching 30, I don't mind it so much, do I remember the days when it royally pissed me off & I wanted to be taken more seriously.

Anyways, enough babbling. I love the haircut. You look so great w/ any length of hair (except I don't like either of us w/ short hair, but I do think it looks great on Emily!). Anyways, it is a wonderful feeling to chop it off. I did that when I did locks of love and it was the best feeling ever!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Its so stickin cute Abby! I love it. Its still a good length so if you wanted to pull some of your sides back it looks like you can or even add a headband if you wanted. Its very flattering! I bet Ryan loves it as well!!