Monday, May 10, 2010

Full of Thanks

Today was a rough day. In fact, this week has been a rough week. I love Critical Care - I can't get enough of it, in fact. But, Wow!

I have seen such intense cases during clincals of child abuse, sexual abuse, psychiatric illness, severe full-system crisis/failure...and today I saw my first patient die. That probably sounds weird to refer to that as "my first death". But, it is a fact that every person in the medical field will encounter this eventually -and I did today.

And it was very intense and difficult to witness. Getting those images, and the family out of my mind won't be an easy task tonight. :(

Which brings me to the LIGHT side of this blog -- In that I have a best friend to call during these times....

My Mom!

In honor of mothers day being yesterday - I need to make a glorified shout out to my Mom, my best friend.

I find the "Mother-Daughter" relationship to fascinating. I think many of us go through a phase where we do anything to be the opposite of our parents (aka, teenage years). And then we hit a point of adulthood where we want to do everything possible to strive to be like our Mom.

That's where I'm at now.

My Mom is:
-devoted mother to her 5 children, 4 son/daughter-in-laws
- a loving and endearing grandmother to her 4 grandsons;
- an extremely loving/faithful wife of 40 years to my Dad,
- the most hardworking woman running her and my Dad's business
- a housekeeper that makes every floor shine
- A cook who makes food that makes any tummy happy
- An extremely devoted Catholic, who truly built her family on great values
- She is the person I know I can call any day, any time and she will always listen
- She is the one I reach to and know no matter what - her love will always be unconditional
- Gives the best hugs that truly wrap arms of warmth, comfort, and love around you
- A woman who will always make me smile!

I hope my Mom goes to bed every night feeling full of fulfillment - knowing she has had such an impact on the lives her her children. Not everyone in this world is blessed to have a Mom. And there are even people in this world who have a Mom, but unfortunately don't have the best relationship with their mother. I am so blessed and lucky to have such a support.

Thanks, Mom - for giving me a great life, sound values, a safe home, and a fantastic family! :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a great post! :) So true!

That last photo needs a "all because 2 people fell in love" caption.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful mom that we have a healthy relationship with!

Marlys said...

You and Lisa touched me deeply with your Mother's Day posts! I truly don't feel I deserve your remarks but they have made my Mother's Day very special! This is the greatest gift one can give - your kinds words of love and appreciation! I always wanted to be a Mom and remember telling my Dad that when he wanted me so badly to go to 4 years of college instead of 3-year diploma school of nursing! I won out and never regretted it! You kids are my pride, joy and greatest accomplishment! {Dad helped!:)!

B and B said...

Excuse me, I have to go an get a tissue to wipe my eyes. Well said, Abby. Your mom will always be my role model!

Hope you were able to sleep last night. Tough day.

Jess said...

Like I said to Lisa - it's awesome how great of a relationship you guys have with your family!! I feel like we actually had very similar upbringings and I'm forever grateful to my parents for such an amazing childhood. And, I love my Mom for so many reasons, beyond the fact that she's just my Mom. So, I totally get what you're coming from!!