Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Date Night

The decision was made that we were due for a night out!

We aren't offically "members" of the group - but through the company Ryan works for, we always receive inoformation on a group called "Tucson's Young Professionals". It's a group of people in their mid twenties - early thirties that his company hooks their new-hires up with. It's basically a networking organization throughout our city of various companies. They do individual events, and then monthy an event called "First Friday's" occurs downtown at the Art Museum. They have music, a bar, a cigar patio, "speed networking" and every month they exhibit some form of entertainment.

The array of people there was interesting.I was expecting all...businessy people. (Wow, wise term.) But there was every profession from pharmacists, nurse (me!), engineers, models, personal fitness trainers, accountants, the list goes on.

This Friday they featured "Urban Art". I thought this was pretty cool. Disclaimer - I know very little about art (in the forms of paiting, drawing, sculpting, etc.). They had various dance performances and artists doing "graffiti-like paintings" to for auction off.

It was neat to see. Graffiti is terrible here - and it ruins beautiful property and absolutely breaks my heart. But this "movement" of "Urban Art" is trying to apparently an outlash agaisnt property graffiti.

The arist works on a giant canvas, and uses free-lance to create beautiful works.

The museum also had an Andy Warhol exhibit being featured. I've never actually been to an art museum. Ryan and I had fun pretending we knew something about art while perusing the various exhibits. There were so many instances where all I could think was, "I don't get it...." But, that makes it more interesting - for I'm sure there is some very deep meaning behind.

Prior to our evening, we tried out a new sushi restaurant in downtown Tucson called "On A Roll". It was good, rolls were HUGE, but definitely not as "fresh" as Ra. But we will definitely try it out again!

It was our first time attending one of these events.

Well, we tried going to one back in December but someone (me) wasn't feeling well - so we only made it through dinner....

Did we get any "networking" accomplished at this event?--Nope. We haven't seen much of each other even since Ryan got back (life is crazy busy!!!) -

 Plus, I'd rather spend my one night out talking to someone I enjoy (Ryan) rather than painting on a fake face to play the networking game of: "Hi! I'm very accomplished! Nice to meet you! I'm going to call you by name to act personal, but really I just see your name tag!" ;)

I didn't get any photos, and I tried googlings pictures of this Joe Pagnac guy who does the Urban Art...but couldn't find much unfortunately. So I'll leave you with an Andy Warhol work that I enjoy :)..

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a fun night out! You should have posted a pic of what you wore!

Sounds like a great organization to be a part of, though. I really learned how important networking is when interviewing for my target job. It's nice to know other young professionals in the area, too. Might be a good way to meet some mature couples. :)

Aside from the art museum in Chicago, I haven't been to any museums in the US. ALl the museums I've been to are in Europe!!