Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Hero :)

So this is a little late in terms of the Holiday, but I'm not the world's greatest blogger. ;)

But, this is my ode to my hero - My Dad!

You can also check out a very touching and true Ode to him on my sister's blog!

(in bullet points..of course)

  • On the worst day possible, when I feel like the entire world is on my shoulders - my Dad has the ability to say just the right thing to make me realize "Maybe things are that bad"
  • How does he do this? -- With words of kindness, with just a good warming hug, with a simple hand on my shoulder, just his strong words say "Everything will be alright, Abber"
  • I bet my Dad gets his work done in much more PEACE and quiet now that I don't live at home:
    • Growing up, I would always find my dad buried in the shop, up at the office, out in the back yard working
    • And I would talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. Probably until his ears bled.
    • He never told me to go away, go inside, or be quiet.
    • His patience inspires me.
  • My Dad got me a Grand Prize ribbon back in my nerdy 4H days - by teaching me how to wire a circuit. He several evenings helping me make it look perfect, teaching me how it works, and actually letting me do the material building/wiring/etc. I remember being the proudest 8 year old ever.
  • His sense of humor is one of a kind. He can honestly make my day with some of his humorous statements/jokes.
  • He is the hardest worker I know. I didn't appreciate this until I moved away from home. He truly has worked from the ground up to not only build a successful business - but an amazing family (with my Mom's help of course!) . My dad's motivation and hard work is a trait that I look up to every day!
  • He, in essence, helped me find a wonderful husband.
    • I knew once my Dad approved of Ryan, that I had "the go".
    • My Dad showed me what type of husband to look for. He loves my Mom dearly, and their marriage (of 40+ years) - shows the true dedication, love, respect, faithfulness, and honor they share for each other!
I love you, Dad!

Here is a picture of finishing his "Father of the Bride" speech at my wedding.
My dad is sometimes viewed as a "quieter guy", and my wedding his speech brought tears of joy and laughter to my eyes. When I was about...10, we signed a contract stating "I will never have children".

All these years, he somehow still had it! He laminated, and presented it to me at the wedding during hte speech! As you can see by the facial expressions of everyone around him -- he has a knack for bringing great happiness to his kids! ;)


Marlys said...

Very nice, Abby! When he takes a break I will show him your post, and Lisa's! They will make his day! Thanks!

B and B said...

Yes, very nice, Abby! Love your dad!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We really do have the best, dad. And wow, I have the weirdest look on my face in that picture! :) Dad's speech was awesome that day!

Great tribute to a great, great man1