Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. What does your car say about you? If you don’t have a car, what kind of car would be your daily driver?

Well, I don't think my car speaks "me". It's a Grand Prix. White. I think I need to drive a something littler. Pure because I need something small and simple to drive. For, let's face it. I am in the ranking for "World's Worst Driver". I need like....a Smart Car. Green.

2. To this point, what has been your purpose on this planet?
To be a healing nurse who never treats her patients like a science some sort of medical object/science experiment/"case". And to be a dedicated #1 fan of a wife to Ryan!

3. If you could trade places with any person for any amount of time, who would it be?
To be one of these people you see on International House Hunters (home & garden) who up and move to some exotic island, buy a gorgeous plot of land with beach views, and live the dream.

Or...more realistically - I'd like to be a Family Nurse Practitioner with reasonable normal hours and weekends/holidays :)
4. What is your favorite kind of cake? If you don’t like cake, what is it about it that you don’t like?
I don't like cake. I didn't even have a piece of our cake at my wedding. It's dry, flaky, and frosting makes me gag. If I'm going to stick a bunch of naughty calories in my body -- I'd rather have something cold and smooth (i.e. Key Lime Pie, Mint Ice Cream)

5. Would you have wanted to live in your parents’, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation or only your own?

Depends on what day you ask this. I would go crazy if I lived in that generation where it was a woman's life purpose to make babies and be submissive. That just doesn't fly with me, sorry. I also can't imagine life without cell phones, computers, internet, etc....(Yes, I am tainted & pathetic..)

But there are days where I would love the generation of my grandparents. Where expectations weren't so high - life seemed less stressful. That's probably just my perception. I just feel like our lives are more complicated these days! And I love the hair of the 50's...

6. Do you have any home remedies for illnesses, cleaning or otherwise?
Hmm....Vinegar cures almost everything! About a year ago, I wrote a post about all the wonderful things that vinegar does. Marinates meat, great on salads, cures a heart burn, picks up stains, cleans floors, etc.

I also do a foot soak to soften calluses/dry feet with 1 cup milk, 1 tbsp honey, and diluted with HOT HOT water. It is quite nice!

Oh, and for a soar throat: hot hot water with lots of fresh squeezed lemons. SO soothing.

7. What is your ideal weather situation?
I would like some seasons. For the love of God.

 :) I would like a warm summer (84-90 degrees F) with occasional thunderstroms, a cool/brisk fall with pretty leaves (about 50-60 F temps), 4 weeks of winter weather in December (20 degrees F with beautiful snow), a pretty spring with occasional showers (50-70 degrees)

8. What is your best attribute (physical or personal)?
Personal: My motivation and go-getter-drive. I can be non-stop go-go-go if I really want to be.
Physical: I like my legs. They carry me around fast and let me be on a "go-getter"

9. Do you text or surf while driving?
Since I'm a bad driver, I don't think I'm a candidate for texting while driving. But I have been guilty from time to time....

10. How long have you known your best friend?
I have known my best friend since my 1 week of my freshman year at college! My husband, Ryan! So it's been 4 years.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yah, we both need smaller cars! :)

I'm not a huge fan of cake either. I'd rather have some dark chocolate. I do like mom's homemade carrot cake, though!