Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: Comfort Food?

Sometimes I have evenings where I don't feel like marinating meat, prepping vegetables, seasoning the meal to perfection, and cooking a delicious concoction.

However, to stay in the budget and healthy - eating out isn't an option either.

So, I resort to comfort food.

Nights like this occur when:
-the husband is out of town
-Sunday evenings after a busy weekend
-at the end of a long, crazy, never-ending day

But often comfort foods/easy-quick meals include frozen pizza, mac n' cheese (ish), macoroni & ketchup (one of my favorites).

But here is something I've found as my "go-to" comfort meal. And it's full of good fiber and veggies! And it's even gluten free (for my GF readers :D)
Painfully easy, but delicious! Trust me on this one.

-1 can black beans or kidney beans or red beans (whatever your feeling or whatever is in your pantry!)
-1 can stewed tomatoes
-Chop up some red/green/yellow peppers
-Chop up some onions
-Throw a few sprigs of fresh cilantro or parsley (or dried if you don't have fresh herbs)
-Cook 1/2 cup of Quinoa (that way you'll have left-overs)

Throw it all together in a bowl or plate. It's kind of a soupy, pasta-like, delicious concoction! And if you're really feeling the need for comfort (like when I'm craving mac 'n' ketchup) - I even put a little ketchup on top.

(So, as you can see - my Wellness Wednesday is kind of lame this week. But, I've been writing a giant Capstone paper. All I can think about is angioplasty, CABG, and other things related to heart disease.
I. Am. So. Over. It. !!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ever since you mentioned this concoction when I was struggling with my stomach earlier this month, I have been meaning to make it. I shoudl do that some time next week. I adore all the ingredients. :)

B and B said...

I can't even tell you how often I took a variation of that same recipe (sans quinoa or pasta) to work as my lunch. It is just the right combination of vegetables and protein that really hits the spot. And it is good cold as well as warm.

Keep plugging away at that paper. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you!

Marlys said...

Sounds so good! And I now carry quinoa in my cupboard! May have to try it! Mmmm!

Marlys said...

Question - I assume you heat these ingredients up so onions and peppers cook some and everything heats up together?

qwerkyqook said...

Nice recipe! I love the GF shout out!! This would be a perfect make ahead dish for quick healthy lunches. I'll have to bookmark this post!