Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: Don't "Leg" behind ;)

So today my Wellness Wednesday focus in legs! My favorite muscle in the whole body to work out!

Now, obviously running, biking, elipicalling it will tone your legs and burn fat. But, adding some weight/resistance training will really do it! Plus, if you get good muscle in your legs and butt? -- that will burn tons of calories! So here are a few of my favorites. It's my "garage leg burn-out". Meaning...I do all this in our garage.

1. Jump rope 100 jumps (regular jumps - both legs)
2. Skip jump rope x 60 (Right leg first)
3. Skip jump rope x 60 (Left Leg first
***The jump ropes get your calves & heart!
4. Lunges 15 each leg (3 times) - holding weight as tolerated
5. Resistance/stretchy band steps
   ***Place a stretchy resistance band around your ankles and walk side ways
   ***15 steps to the Right, 15 steps to the left
6. Squats + Shoulder Press (15 repititions x 3)
   ***Holding a bar or weights squat butt to the floor (knees directly over ankles)
   ***When standing back up, lift weights over your head straight up
7. Jump Squats (15 jumps x 3)
   ***squat butt to floor (ankles under knees), from sqaut - jump striaght up to ceiling explosively
8. Hamstring Curls (15 X 3 each leg)
    ***Get on hands and knees
    ***Place weight (about 10-20 lbs) inside knees and hold onto it
    ***pump foot towards the ceiling
9. Criss-Cross Jump
    ****Place jump-rope on floor in straight line
    ***Hope across the "line" left and right forwards and backwards X 5
10. Jump Ropes X 100


Marlys said...

I am exhausted just reading that! Oh my, would I be in shape if I did that but could I? Is your garage air conditioned? Or do you run a fan in there? Just curious!

B and B said...

Yeah, I know, Marlys! We do strength training and I know it works. However, I use those machines that are designed for us more "mature" types. Just reading about that squatting deal where you spring to the ceiling makes my knees and back hurt. Well, I am off to the gym!!!! Wellness Wednesday! How about Sit on Your #@@ Sunday??? JK :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Mom & Barb's comments crack me up. I should pick up a jump rope. my whole knee issue was caused by my glutes & hamstrings not being strong enough. I am also supposed to be doing the sideways walk resistance band thing but I don't have them. Can you email me & tell me where you bought yours?

I have to be careful w/ the squats/lunges as it aggrevates my patella femoral, but everything else would be a great thing to incorporate!

Marlys said...

That is great that you do strength training, Barb! About the only strength training I get these days is pulling and pushing the lawn mower and string trimmer! We bought a new one and it's quite heavy so I'm getting some strength training there! And this is combined with lots of walking so helping a bit! I agree with you Sunday comment, though!