Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: "Eat some grapes, and call me in the morning"

Greetings! Being this allergy season (here in Tucson, anyways) has been especially "present" this of my most frequent "Google searches" has been allergies. I have spent more money on varieties of eye drops this month than I have in my entire LIFE.

So I figured I do a little post on managing allergies! I did some reserach, and I found some "dietary" changes we can make to help this. And I threw in a few other tips. Some of this may be "no-brainers" to you guys....but here it is anyways ;)

  • Been outside much today? Rinse off in the shower and wash that hair! Your hair is just a nest for all those nasty pollens and allergens!
  • Drink, drink, drink fluids to flush as much crap through your system possible!
  • Apparently, historically, the "Crete" Mediterranean islanders had less allergies. They found a link to their Mediterranean diet high in grapes, healthy fats, nuts, olives, tomatoes, and apples protected them against allergies!
    • Did I see grapes??!! Grapes = Wine = no allergies? Vino it is! :)
  • Eat nuts!
    • They are high in Magnesium and Vitamin E -- which are good for promoting respiratory help. They also have an "Anti-inflammatory" effect on your system. (allergies are an inflammatory response from your Eosinophil white blood cells!)
    • Also, the Vitamin E has anti-oxidant products. So it "eats up" free radicals within you!
    • Sprinkle some almonds on a salad!
  • Apples, Oranges, and Tomatoes - they were found to be high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which fights off those allergies!
  • Grapes!
    • The skin of the grape is high in Resveratrol. This is an antioxidant which reduces allergy and is found to reduce wheezing and breathing issues!
  • Go fishing!
    • Eat fish. The Omega 3 Fatty Acids, DHA, and EPA has been found to decrease inflammation
    • What fish to go for? It was recommended cold water fish are best: salmon, trouth, herring, and albacore tuna! All these are excellent for you heart also!
  • Find relief with your pearls!
    • Oyesters are found to have an antibacterial and antiviral effect on the body! They are very high in zinc.
  • Spicy!
    • Cajun and other cayenne spices are natural decongestants.
    • Garlic has been shown to losen up secretions of mucus (I know, ewww)
    • Horseradish is also a natural decongestant
    • The only thing to remember about spicy - is that it could increase coughing. So if you've been hacky, coughy, wheezy - spicy foods are not advised!
Hope this was helpful! Have a fantastic and "well" Wednesday ;)

(PS.....I got my practicum. I will be on the Telemetry unit at my hospital for the next 8 weeks. I have orientation tomorrow. Unfortunately, they weren't taking students in the ICU, so I wasn't able to do it. But....Telemetry was in my top 3 -- and I "heart the heart" so I'm pleased!!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you got placed in Telemetry! Can't wait to hear how this will go! :)

Very interesting post. I love the title. :) I like all of the foods on your list! Surprisingly, my allergies haven't been that bad this year. Maybe my stomach told my respiratory system/sinuses to give me a break since my stomach issues have been bad enough. ;)

B and B said...

Congratulations! And, good luck!

As for allergies, I don't suffer from airborne allergies, but I do struggle with food allergies. I have learned if I stay away from processed foods, I am usually fine. That includes bottled dressings. Also, any sausage or bacon I do buy usually comes from the local butcher shop where they make their own. If I consume meat products from the grocery store, I will be congested before the meal is over. It's like a storm passing through my respiratory system. Not pleasant...

Hey, my word verification to post this is "pesto"! Yum! One of my favorites!!!!

qwerkyqook said...

AHH telemetry! I must say, I hate the heart!! Cool post Abby. I think people really like netty pots too. It makes sense, but something about flushing out my sinuses like that kind of freaks me out!

Marlys said...

Good post, and as I was reading it I thought - Netti Pot! Beth recommended it and I bought one! Everytime I mow the lawn or work outside for any length of time, I flush out my sinuses and it really works! It's amazingly simple and so cool how it just flows out the opposite nostril! I use two packets of sinus wash to get the maximum effect! Love my Netti! Barb, I do think I have some food allergies, too, as after I eat processed foods, I get stuffed up!