Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wellness Wednesday!

I am beginning a segment! We all know that I'm kind of a health nut. Therefore.....

Every Wednesday (hopefully I will stay true to this) I am going to write a "wellness related" segment. I might be a work out plan, a healthy recipe, maybe a home-remedy, or education about something health-related!

I hope you enjoy!

So to kick this off - I'm going to give a little history on WHY I have chosen to strive for wellness:

  • First off, I was the chubby kid in elementary school/junior high. Not like I was HUGE, but I definitely got the occasional "tease" from my peers.
  • So, high school started and I got determined to start taking care of myself a little better.
  • I "over-did" it.
  • And through that, I feel like I've gained a sense of "wisdom" that I now live my life by:....
  • All is good in moderation!
  • Striving to be "thin" instead of "healthy" didn't really make me all that healthy!
  • In all honesty, I screwed my body over. I didn't get enough calcium & strong bones during age 16-20, which are the MOST VITAL years of bone development for a woman! I also had no immune system. It's taken about 2 years to get it somewhat "beefed" up. And it's still nothing fantastic.
  • I learned from this experience that happiness is not found in a dress size.
  • Happiness comes from: feeling good about yourself, enjoying life, enjoying good food, enjoying fun workouts.
  • Happiness comes from completing a marathon/half marathon/whatever race/endeavor it may be! ...Not because you physically CAN, but because you're body is healthy & strong enough to carry you through it!
I NOW strive for wellness so I can feel good, healthy, and not be sick! Since I've taken on this attitude; I've been much happier about myself.   I exercise/eat healthy to relieve stress, keep my heart/lungs happy, and essentially to have fun! I enjoy my workouts. And if I'm not enjoying them? -- I take that as a personal hint that maybe it's time to find something different or just in need of a break!

So my healthy tip for TODAY is......(this will be totally random and not interconnected with the previous post...FYI):
-It's grilling season -- and one of my favorites is grilled potatoes! Instead of the traditional white or red potatoes; use sweet potatoes! They have more flavor, (you can still dip them in ketchup), very high in beta-carotene, and many other nutrients!
-Just cut them up into quarters/slices, boil them for a few minutes to soften, and throw on the grill with some cumin, pepper, and garlic! Mmmmm

Hope everyone's week is going great!



B and B said...

Great idea, Abby! And an excellent post!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm looking forward to these posts! Full of wisdom!

I think I am one of the few people who actually does not like sweet potatoes... I just don't care for the sweet nature of them! I have really tried to like them, though...

I am envious of your grill. :( I'd eat way more interesting/delicious things if I had a grill. Instead, my weekday meals in the evening are usually microwaved baked potatoes and microwaved steamer veggies. I am so boring. I wish I had a grill so I could grill a chicken breast for some post-run protein!!

Marlys said...

Yes, that was a great post! I remember those high school days, and am so glad they are behind you! Ryan has been good for you in that area, too! I am proud of your cooking talents and not being afraid to try new things! You amaze me! Do you coat the sweet potatoes with oil before grilling them?