Friday, June 11, 2010


Do you ever find yourself losing sleep over something? Worrying and keeping it in the back of your mind? And then when you finally realize what it is that's causing "stress" - all you can say is "Wow. I need to chill out!"..... Or "My, I'm pathetic".

That has been occurring this week. And I thought I would share - because it's kind of comical.

First, to give you understanding of my deep concern - our Tomato Plant has been very productive this week. I've pulled 4 fresh, plump, red tomatoes off! And I'm loving it. That's like $4 at the grocery store I'm saving!

So, I found myself last night at a happy-hour for Ryan's work - sitting at the table talking about my concern. I found myself saying,:
 "What do you Arizonans do with your plants when you leave for the weekend ? Do you get a drip system? Do you have someone care for them while you're gone? Do you think we could just bring our tomato plants and daisies on the camping trip?"

Finally someone looked me very deeply in the eyes and said, "You definitely don't have any children......Or you would not be this stressed about a plant." And then laughed. Hysterically.

I felt a little sheepish.

And then I realized just how true her statement was! Wow, I was actually considering getting a babysitter or bringing a fricking plant with us? God forbid if we were FLYING somewhere. Would I "carry on" my tomotoe plants?

My sister Lisa had an experience on an airplane where she was sitting next to a main holding a styrofoam cup with a plant in it. Maybe he had the same mindset as me!?

Kinda humorous.

....But really!  Any tips on what we do with our plants when we leave for the weekend? Do we put them in the garage? It's like consistently 100 degrees here. My poor plants would fry up in this heat!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! We have many fun things planned -- so I'm definitely excited :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh you make me laugh - and totally remind me of myself. I can't think of a good example of this, but I def freak out about the most insignificant details.

And I had sort of forgotten about the random plant man on the plane. That was just so, so bizarre. And it was planted in a styrofoam cup...

Marlys said...

I wonder if you could set them in a basin of water being they have holes in the bottom of the planter, right? I don't know what you could use that would be big enough to do that, but maybe a cooler with water in the bottom? This may be lame but it's an idea. Or you could bring them indoors and put them in your bathtub with some water in the bottom? I know that would probably be a mess but just an idea! I know they would probably bake in your garage! Or just ask your neighbor to babysit them for you?

Marlys said...

I thought of another idea - maybe go to walmart or someplace like that and buy a cheap kids swimming pool, put water in it and set your pots in that while you are gone?