Thursday, July 8, 2010

Property Virgins

We have entered a new mode!

House hunting has begun.

We found a realtor that we're quite pleased with, and she's been shooting us emails all week with houses to look at. We looked at 5 homes on Monday afternoon.

Ryan & I have been spending the past....year and a half spending mannny evenings searches the listings online and watching HGTV shows such as Property Virgins and House Hunters. All to decide what kind of "Style" of home we're looking for.

It's tough not to get too excited, since we probably won't be making a move until I have a job (October - December).

And HOLY-Bank-Owned!! -- There are more foreclosed homes on the market than not. It's really bizarre and eerie to me walking through some of these homes. It's like people find out they're losing their home, paint every wall a different color, rip up carpet, and take as much possible!!

We've decided some of the big priorties with our home are the following:
  • Great kitchen. Island. Preferrable wood floors - but we also like tile.
  • As little carpet possible. Allergies are crazy - and I just love tile & wood!
  • Character is an absolute must! Nothing too "cookie cutter"
  • Backyard had to have a "Wow Factor". We live in hot AZ - and a pool is almost mandatory. If no pool - it needs to at least have space for a potential one OR just a nice set up for barbeques!
What were big things when you picked your 1st home? If you haven't bought a home, what do you look for? Any words of wisdom? So far, I just know to be picky! This is one of the biggest decisions we'll ever make - and we don't want to make the wrong choice!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well, I bought on my own so had a very limited budget and bought right before the real estate market burst, so I didn't have a whole lot of options. I definitely regret purchasing my condo, but I am not alone in making a poor buying decision....

But now is such a great time to buy. Although I guess this means you are doing to be down in AZ for awhile which makes me a little sad. :( Just don't get too attached to AZ, we want you back in the Midwest eventually!

If I was buying now, I'd want a great kitchen. I'd want ample storage, ie lots of closets. I would want a deck and a nice backyard area. I would want an as open of a floor plan on the main level as possible.

Happy House Hunting! This is such an exciting phase in your life!! Can't wait to see what you guys pick out!

Marlys said...

I have to agree with Lisa and would love an open floor plan, great kitchen with a PANTRY (!), master bathroom with separate shower & tub, nice deck and yard, 3 stall garage, and great windows. Of course, it takes lots of money to have everything you want, so starting out you may not be able to get everything, but one can wish! Happy house hunting! I also highly agree with Lisa about wnating you two back in the Midwest someday!