Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

This weeks 10 on Tuesday is explaining what product you guys for the following categories, and why. Kind of fun and fresh!

Happy Tuesday!

1. Cell Phone

-Blackberry Tour. It's alright, kind of slow. I was going to go with the Droid, per my husbands recommendation. But, I was way too indimidated by the technical-ness of the Droid.
-And, I will always be a Verizon girl.

2. Email
-I like Gmail. Love how it groups reply-emails together. Also - there are a lot of extra neat features with it (if you play around with it)

3. Toothpaste
Crest Pro-Health Daytime. It. Is. Amazing.
Why do I like it? Is it because of it's acclaimed "health benefits"?
Oh no. It's because it almost tastes like "Sparkle Toothpaste" for adults.
You remember kid's sparkle tooth paste? Yeah, Heavenly.

4. Car
-I drive a Pontiac Grand Prix. I remember when I got it - I chose it because it looked more "snappy" than my other choices. Yes, I am one of "those people" that judge "books by their cover". When looking at the features of a vehicle, the color is a major priority.
-But, in a few years I will be driving a Honda Civic Hybrid (Ryan's current car)

5. Writing Utensil
The most basic BLACK Bic pen, because it's consistent.
In fact, I've gone through our "pen-drawer" and removed all the blue and red pens. It irritates me when I grab a pen, start writing, and it's blue. Ugh.

6. Lotion
I have no consistent lotion I use. Right now, I'm using Dove. Whatever it is - it must have Oatmeal in it (during the summer especially). I get heat rash weekly here - and oatmeal-lotions are supposed to soothe it!
7. Interior Paint
-I am still confused about paint. Eggshells, satin, glossy, semi-glossy. Green, Spinach. Magenta, blue, aqua, periwinkle. So intimidating....
8. Soda/Drink
-I don't really drink soda anymore. Which is crazy for me to say - b/c I usedto be Mrs. Diet Soda.
-I prefer lemonade crystal light. Mmm. And fresh squeezed lemons & limes added to make it even more sour.

-(and now my 2 cents on excessive diet soda-drinking: I had a patient last week that was 36 years old, and she had a Total Hip Replacement. She also went through a 12-pack of Diet Coke every day. Diet soda has phosphorus which basically cancels out calcium. Scary!!!)

9. Laundry Detergent
Tide, and the powder. According to a little research I did a year back...... liquid detergent can increase mildew in your washer, because it gets stuck in the little cracks and holes of your machine! (ew!!)

10. Medicine
No medicine is good medicine...but....

If I'm going to be sick .....

I love Vick's Vapor Rub. Good stuff. And Robotussin. It cannot be the generic brand. It cannot be "Cough/cold" version. It must be the original Robotussin-DM. Yumm-o.

Also, Bengay is amazing. Especially on my neck after a long day.


Kelly said...

Haha, I debated between the Blackberry and Droid too and I went with Blackberry- it's only slow with the internet and it seems to be only in some spots. Since before that I had no internet at all, it doesn't really bother me :)

Marlys said...

My toothpaste is Sensodyne as my teeth are so sensitive and it is the only brand that works! I prefer black pens to blue, but once in awhile I like to shake it up and use a blue one! My favorite drink besides coffee is water & milk! I have had about one soda in the last year, and don't miss it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So funny that you hate blue pens - I don't care for black ones, but it's all we have at work, so I just have to put up with it!! Too funny.