Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank you, Weekend.

I have made it to the weekend. Thank. God.

Yesterday, I had the most defeating day of clinicals ever. I took 5 patients on my own. But they weren't just your typical patients - they all had like 5 different IV drips going, multiple drains, one of my patients got a leg amputation, one was crazy......

To a veteran nurse - or just a good and competent nurse- that probably seems easy. But I feel like quite the "Novice" still....

Let's just say my 12 hour shift turned into a 14 hour shift, and I wanted to hide in a linen closet and cry yesterday. But, I survived!!!!   :-)

I can't wait to get adjusted to things. Every night this week -- all I do is have on-going nightmares about hospitals, IV drips, people bleeding to death. I wake up in the middle of the night and think "I don't even want to sleep anyomre!- These Dreams suck!"

But this is a learning experience, and I will get my "routine" down and on my feet in no time (I hope....)
On the Really-Fantastic-Friday-Side....
  • It's the 1st weekend I've had since the 4th of July!
  • I had my Capstone Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday - and totally Rocked it! My high school speech-skills came back!
  • I'm done with all assignments & have 1 clinical left (2 weeks to go total!)
  • I'm getting my hair cut today. (I look scrappy. People might be mistaking me for a homeless girl..)
  • I get my wedding ring back today (it was getting resized -- let's just say, it had been falling off A LOT) - So I'm really excited to have a ring that fits me again!
  • I'm going "deer scouting" with Ryan tomorrow. Well, I'm not looking for deer - I'm just going out in the mountains helping him find land early early in the morning -- when it's gorgeous out. (Basically I'll be there for moral support to drink coffee and talk his ear off)
  • Then we're going to a Wine Vineyard in Sonoita, AZ. (If I behave.....) ;)
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :-) Last year at this time, I was home in ND with my family starting the preparations for my own wedding! Wow, a year goes fast!


Marlys said...

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday - and that nothing too serious happened that wanted to make you cry! 5 very ill patients is a lot for a novice but you will get better with experience - trust me! Don't lose hope! And congrats on rocking the capstone dress rehearsal! Have a fun weekend! You need it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You can do it! The finish line is in sight! :)

Have a wonderful weekend with Ryan! Give yourself permission to take it easy. Take a nap or relax a bit in some way. You earned it!

If it makes you feel any better, I totally bawled my entire drive home on Tuesday when I went home sick. FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER! I was just THAT tired. I am not kidding when I say I felt like an over-tired toddler.. I was a hot mess!!

B and B said...

How exhausting your day must have been, Abby. Enjoy your well deserved break. Driving up into the mountains sounds wonderful. Enjoy!!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

You can do it!!

Going to wine vineyard sounds lovely. I have always wanted to scout out the vineyards in southern AZ. Please enjoy a glass of vino for me!!

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