Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wellness Wednesday, my ass.

No, when I said "My ass"...I was not referring to "Hey guys! I'm going to give you a great workout to make you have tight buns"..............

I am being cynical. And grumpy.

I am sorry for the profanity.

3 clinicals this week. I leave the house at 5:40 am, get home at 8:30 pm. Almost 2 hours of that day is spent driving. I officially hate where we live right now. Cannot wait for that golden day when we move.

(construction signs should be be more honest, instead of "Delay ahead" -- they should just say "You're probably going to want to drive your vehicle through a cement median during the next 3 miles. Hey Don't feel so bad!--It's your tax dollars going to great use!")

I'm skimping out on my "Wellness Wednesday" today. 

I have an online class, where, if the internet wasn't so public -- I would be ranting on and on about how I feel about many issues surrounding this class.

Oh, if the day had more hours. And if nursing programs didn't contains so much BS. (and I'm not talking about Bachelors of Science, either...)

Anyways, I'm really not that grumpy and miserable. I love my practicum! Homework and papers are driving me up the wall. In all honesty, I'm in a pretty good mood.

I'll still make "well" choices and sneak in a workout today to get away from the computer and books for awhile!

5.5 weeks to go. I can do this!!!

See? There's a smile!! From the devil herself! ;)

Stay well, my friends!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hang in there! The finish line is in sight!!!

B and B said...

"Jumping through the hoops" is laborious. I couldn't handle all of that traffic and construction, either. But, humor helps! I LOVED that picture of the cat. Hoot.

Marlys said...

Ranting is good for wellness once in awhile, huh? Hang in there! A man drove through a bunch of fresh cement in Fargo on a construction site and it cost literally thousands of dollars to replace! Don't try it!