Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ode to my Favorite

I finished my last clinical of nursing school! I survived! Next time I will be on a hospital floor, I will be an RN. Crazy (kinda scary, too!)

And..I. Am. Exhausted. So tired!

But, this week has been an interesting one - many good stories to come involving baking mishaps, issues with critters, etc....

So please stay tuned. It's a busy week - but I hope to find time to blog on my fun and interesting happenings of the week!

But, Tomorrow (August 4) is the birthday of my best friend in the whole wide world!!!

I have been working diligently on a birthday cake for him this week. A home made ice cream cake. No worries, a post will come on this. It's been....interesting (needless to say...)

He has had a pretty crazy week at work - and I'm having a crazy week with school....

So we will somehow find a method of meeting up for Sushi at our favorite restaurant for dinner tomorrow night  to celebrate- and will try to eat my cake afterwards (we'll see...It should taste good at least...it just looks hideous!) Ha!

Here are a few of my favorite things about this guy!:
  • He's the only person in the entire world I can spend endless hours with...and I never get annoyed with him.
  • He's the only person who will always take me up on a game of Scrabble. We squeeze in a game once/week (we're getting pretty good, I must say)
  • He know's exactly the *little* things that make me very happy!
    • Example: Last week after my long, hellish day of clinicals where I came home in tears.....he just happened to know - and made me my favorite "gourmet" meal - Macoroni & Ketchup, spinach, and pickled beats
  • He's one of the hardest workers I know - and his determination motivates me every day.
  • He always knows what to do to make me laugh.
  • He lets us watch chick flicks more than we have to watch action movies. That's love.
  • One of the first times I met him - he did a back flip. Just out of no-where. Who does that?
  • He always looks at things from a different angle or point-of-view - it's quite refreshing!
He is superb, and I am more than honored to say that he is my husband!

Sometimes he gets kind of crazy when in the kitchen - especially when carving our 1st turkey on thanksgiving this year ;)
He's quite a sweet uncle, too! We adore our nephews! :)

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

***I appologize if this post is completely random, scatterbrained, and non-coherent. I am feeling a littl delirious and quite ready for bed!***


B and B said...

You are lucky! Enjoy your day. Sushi sounds wonderful. And, I look forward to the blog about your cake. When I recommended Dairy Queen, I was serious!!! :)

Happy Birthday, Ryan.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!! You guys seem like such a great couple and it sounds like you're really lucky to have found each other. Hope the sushi and cake are enjoyable (as I'm sure they will be!)

And, congrats to you on finishing your final clinical.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ok, is it bad that I am sort of amazed that it's possible to find someone that doesn't annoy you when you spend endless hours together? :) That is impressive! ;)

You really need to post pics of this cake! What a noble pursuit, though! :)

Happy Birthday to Ryan! I love him like a brother! Enjoy your day together!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Have a wonderful day and don't you just love our enginerds?!

Marlys said...

That was one sweet birthday post! We, too, love Ryan like a son and especially because he treats you like a queen! You are one lucky girl, Abby, but it sounds like you know that! I just found this post tonight! How did I miss it?