Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Bananas

As many of you know, I am in a "loll" right now. Done with school, impatiently waiting to take my boards and start working. I got a test date for September 21, but that just wasn't early enough. So I started narotically checking the website and was able to reschedule: September 15 (Wednesday) is the big day!

This is a very very good thing. For, I am going...........


Stir crazy!!!

I'm going LOCA. Tom Cruise style.

I'm kind of used to being busy. Have clinicals, class, labs, more clinicals, clinical prep-work, silly meetings, more silly labs, 5 hour-lectures, papers to write, studying to do.

Right responsibility is to study for NCLEX, search for jobs online, and studying NCLEX some more.

Let me just tell you -- I know when a new job is posted at every hopsital in town. And I am well aware of the mottos and policies of every nursing home in Tucson.

Today, I tried cleaning the house - and it was really easy. Then I realized..."Hm...I just cleaned the house like 3 days ago"

I'm getting a little loony.

Yesterday Ryan got home - and I was uber talkative. Like, Aerobics-Instructor-On-Crack talkative!

Then I realized......."Ryan, you are the first human being I have spoken to all day!"

So, in other words -I'm happy the weekend is approaching us. We have some fun stuff planned!

I'm Happy I will be taking my NCLEX next week!

I'm happy that I will be leaving my hermit-home and entering the working world again.

Before I start getting weird......

In the mean time...... every shirt we own will be ironed, the floors are spotless, the fridge is disinfected and clean to perfection, our closets have been reorganized, the weeds are picked, and Ryan's getting some pretty awesome meals cooked!! :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dang, I wish you lived closer. I could really put you to work! ;)

I am glad you were able to get an earlier test date! This will all be behind you soon.

I know you are anxious to join the work force, but my advice would be relish this time as much a possible. Drink coffee while reading a book. Wander the aisles of Target on a Friday afernoon. Just enjoy it while it lasts, if you can... That is what I forced myself to do between the Pysch Experiment & the Chariot. I knew I was goign to have a job eventually, so I took advantage of the fact that I could shop during off peak times and I went to B&N to read books. It was glorious. And yes, I was definitely ready to start working when I returned to work... but I am glad I made the most of my time at home!!

But i totally the get the whole 'oh my God i haven't talked to a human yet today' feeling. I would go DAYS without speaking out loud sometimes...

Cherry Blossoms said...

I agree with Lisa I can have a list of items that I need help with! Want to come paint a nursery?! lol

Marlys said...

Could you fly home and clean my kitchen cupboards and all the windows in our house? Oh, and I need someone to paint the carwash, all the decks on the apartment, and our back garage! Man could I use you! Like Lisa said, enjoy the ambience and sip coffee and read a book that isn't NCLEX related! Soon, my dear, soon!

Mama Nastase said...

Love your laugh-out-loud entry! This being out-of-school-waiting-for-the-NCLEX-lull has certainly brought out your creativity and humor! ha ha (WHEREVER did you find that picture of Kermit-as-Tom Cruise and Miss Piggy-as-Oprah?! hilarious!)

I agree with your sister and mom, enjoy this time! Relax, read a book, go hang out at the pool. Pretty soon you'll be back to the frenzied pace at a hospital and will look back on this down-time fondly.

I also agree with all the previous comments in that I could sure put you to work, too! ha ha And I'm only a mile away if you want to run over and talk to a human...I'd certainly enjoy it as much of the time the only person I talk to out loud is Jack!